“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Passenger Seat

driving in the rain a few days ago, actually riding in the rain, left hand side of the jeep, passenger seat, not worrying or even thinking about anything at all, just moving through the rain with the radio on and then the radio off, just him & me, so many years between us making silences almost the same as conversations, feeling safe, feeling secure, feeling content and happy and watching the road and the rain, absolute trust in him on those backroads, absolute peace, knowing the roads and where they led, that sense of place, of so many years of moving through this landscape, this place called home, the driving bringing to mind another time, lost in the southern arizona desert, the two of us driving through the land of my teenage years, me getting us lost, having always been the passenger back then, never a need to pay attention to how we got to where we got, other hims driving me through that landscape and so many years ago, so lost we were, but on a road behind the mountains, seeing no one else for hours, and it was magical. we were heading northwest.

tonight in my house - how many times have i written that? - it is maggie and me and the same old same old, tv on, sound off, ginger rogers on the screen, no other noise but the sound of this computer, my fingers on the keys, and the heater, close to its last days of being needed, spring almost really here, not just in name only, and it is that same feeling - safe, secure, content, this place called home. i can walk through it in the dark; i know the roads of this house quite well, so many years between us. i can navigate the 3 a.m. yard with no light and no fear, my feet know the grass, know the sidewalk littered with pear tree blossoms, know the way to the hammock when the need to sleep under the stars is too hard to resist. home. we face north northwest.

the times i love best, the silences that are their own conversations. maggie is asleep on the stool where i have rested my feet, she is nestled against my legs, in the passenger seat.


  1. beautiful image, the streaks of rain like the silence between you, long and comfortable.

  2. That cat has it made, I tell ya. xoxo

  3. the silence and conversation feel the same.....due to all the years between us !....OMG that is lovely and so true !

  4. This evokes the timeless, eternal landscape of the musing mind. Very nicely written.

  5. Thank you! I so love the way you write & I know those times: the silences like conversations~~I know this house the same way...
    *happy sigh*
    Good start to a Thursday!!! :-)

  6. "the silences that are their own conversations" blissful sigh...so perfectly beautiful.

  7. the silence, the passenger seat, the magic. thank you for reminding me. thank you for making it all more special.

  8. yes, silence. the kind between two people (or person and pet) really is golden.
    and, oh my goodness, I also had ginger rogers on the screen last night.
    I have another blog, at www.thebluemuse.com and there is a picture there now that, after I had finished it, somehow made me think of you...

  9. Your words are like poetry, so evocative! I'm still hoping to find that someone with whom to enjoy "silences almost the same as conversations" but didn't know until reading your post that that was also something to wish for. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Okay, after that, I have a hard time working up the nerve to muster out a pitifully worded comment; but I have to tell you that your writing and the thoughts/feeling it conveys is beautiful. Glad to have found you through the Texas Blogging.

  11. I'm with Bungalow, it's hard to leave a good comment after reading such a well written post! *grin* You have such a gift for writing, for describing a place so well and intimately that it feels as though I am right there beside you seeing, feeling everything you are.

  12. the silent conversations feel the best to me.
    there is such comfort, intimacy and love here in this post.


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