“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Painting with the Rain

We got gorgeous beautiful rain today,
and the opportunity to drive our way through it.

And magic fell my way, via too loud music at the taqueria where we'd stopped to eat, me having bad juju when it comes to too loud music at restaurants, but really, this was way way too loud, Hispanic music y rap videos on the tv in the corner, booming, boomdiddy doomdiddy BOOM and we the only English speakers there, me unable to even hear the Spanish speaking waitress, much less perform my Mexican to Texican interpretation in my head. And lately I am being kind to my belly, knew it was not gonna be a happy belly in such atmosphere, despite the fabulous (and it is fabulous) food - if you stop there at night it is quieter, we had no idea that today would be boomdiddy doomdiddy BOOM - so we ordered to go and I decided to wait in the Jeep. And sat there and shot gorgeous pictures, I am in love with them all, with the blurry rainy tree shots, with the rain on the window shots, with the sideview mirror shot reflecting barely there trees against the gray sky - in love with them all.

You cannot convince me
the Universe didn't make sure
there was a building next door
just that perfect shade of old fading teal-going-gray.
A gift for me.
And I took it.
Held out my hand and let it fall right in.

My photographic vision is changing,
I feel it when I hold the camera to my eye
and see a painting.
a slow navigation, but I am moving


  1. Oh!!
    I love the photo, I love the poem; I love the boomdiddy boomdiddy BOOM that sent out to the Jeep to receive them!!
    Thank youuuu!!!

  2. yes...the universe knew what it was doing....it always does....xo

  3. Skye - Oh, it was awful and horrible and loud! But yes, it sent me to the Jeep for some silence and some rainy picture taking, so all good! :)

    Beth - Kinda cool, huh?


  4. this photo is just perfect. and that universe, it always knows best. ; )

  5. so soothing, that photo. love your texas rain :)

  6. Love the photo, in spite of lots of sloshing through puddles lately, I'm still loving the rain.
    And good Mexican food in the hood? Can you share? Wouldn't want you to disclose a secret location or anything, but gosh, I'm always searching for a good Mexican food restaurant here in these parts ;-) -- haven't had any luck with that quest yet.

  7. Oh dear Debi, I have avoided entire restaurants because of my issues with loud music. Now, I just ask them to turn in down. I have never been refused! It's worse if the resaurant isn't full and they're more likely to accommodate you then too. Lovely lovely lovely rain shots. Makes me sleepy :-)

  8. a perfect example of finding the good in the bad.

  9. Christina - Thank you and yes, the Universe does know best. We just have to look up once in a while! :)

    Cindy - I love it too, as long as it stops once in awhile. :)

    Gigi - If you live near here (NE Texas), it's impossible not to find good Mexican food. There is a taqueria on every corner from the Azalea District (where I am) to the interstate. Many times 2 or 3 to a block - you just have to try them and figure it out, but most are really good. Most have no English speakers, just here from over the border. Of course, I like TexMex too - it's just not the same as the real deal. :)

    Liz - God! Noise!!! I canot eat peacefully or digest peacefully in too-stimulating circumstances and I just don't get it. The last time we asked someone to turn down the music, they said they did, but we could tell no difference. It wasn't gonna happen yesterday - I literally could not hear our waitress + she was speaking Spanish in addition. A double whammy. And the rain did make me sleepy. :)


  10. Margie - You kow how this happens? I just thought of it when I read your comment. It starts when you start listening to yourelf. I could've stayed inside the taqueria, miserable, bitching even more than I already was, but I listened to my belly, to my heart - I knew to get out. And when out, I continued to pay attention, but then I paid attention to the world around me. Love your seemingly simple comment - you opened up a thought inside me. Muchas gracias!

    :) Debi

  11. a painting, indeed. love the photo.
    can't deal with loud music or strong perfume, i would have had to do the same. but yes, somehow it all worked out just right.

  12. a rainy day mirage. i see two people standing. one leaning in ....perhaps kiss the other? but both wearing lovely, lovely swishy skirts. and they are graceful and have long silky eyelashes that are like smudges of midnight.
    xo wonderful imagery

  13. hate the music...LOVE the food..tee hee...
    what can be better than waiting in the car with a camera and rain...just saying

  14. i love rain on the window shots. this one is great and very painterly - inspiring.

  15. Mexican to Texican...hee hee!

    How beautiful...this shot,and your description of the whole experience. Yes..a gift to you, and then, to us. Indeed, a watercolour painting.

  16. I love the sounds in this piece, the rain, the loud music, the quiet thought. I love to sit in my car in the rain and watched the muted world turn into tangerines and mists.


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