“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Good Morning

A windy morning, but calmer now; I open the door and it blows hard, I close the door and it stops. A cardinal in the yard is happy with the newly mowed lawn, those weeds above gone, easier for him to find food. A few sprigs of wisteria have bloomed, a pale lavender, as if their color has been lessened by that last late snow, and the forsythia is mostly green now, a few yellow roses over the once-was-Mary's porch the only spots of color against the landscape, greener now than a week ago, leaves sprouting everywhere, grass livening up at last. As I type this, however, the sun streaks across the front yard, and if I were painting this bit of my morning, I would only need yellow, it is that bright, yellow lines laid across the green, and yellow on the backside and sides of the hackberry leaves. There is a bird in the backyard singing - I still haven't learned which song belongs to which bird, but this is a familiar one - and few cars pass by; the morning is still quiet. Those stripes of sunlight have now widened, moving into the street, warming the bricks. The day begins.

good morning


  1. that was my morning, too...
    and actually one of those birds had gotten a little too noisy lately....maybe it's mating time :)

  2. uplifting!

    i wish i knew birdsong. i try to learn but i don't think i have a keen enough ear.

  3. beautiful. I totally adore yellow. especially the yellow of sunlight.

  4. such a picture you painted...i think i smelled hope. and a smile...

  5. it's surreal to read of your melodic, sunlit morning as I sit in my own dark one. yours sounds much nicer!

  6. i do like the calm inside the house...watching the blooms dance in the breeze here

  7. i am dreaming of wisteria. take a picture for me?

    and yes, i'm going back. fingers crossed and stars aligning, i leave the 7th. what can i bring back for you?



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