“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Concrete Under my Feet

One of my very favorite things.
Concrete under my feet.
This little bit painted with the drugstore's neon light.

I see the top as a child's sky,
the bottom as a flower,
and is that the wind flying across the middle?
Right there under the sun?

So many layers,
so much like a painting.
These images only work for me
if they are cell phone images,
and no, I don't have an iPhone.

I love the not quite sharpness,
the unimportance of the subject,
elevated to a story.
I see so many things.
A kissing fish,
an arrow,
I always see arrows,
an elephant wearing glasses,
a balloon.

I walked over this on my way in,
and on my way out,
and almost didn't take the picture,
my phone still in the Jeep,
but it was beautiful,
all curves and lacy feeling,
surely a little girl drew it,
and it called me back.
It spoke my name.
Whispered in my ear.


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  2. you cause me to look with fresh eyes

  3. i see a bee, a flower...you are so very good at seeing the beauty in the every day things...

  4. i see a flower and a balloon and glasses...oh there's a fish....
    "and surely a little girl drew it".....but of course !

  5. mrs m - a blessing i was born with; i am not easily bored. i am always looking. :)

    beth - surely!


  6. i love that you would stop to capture that and then write about it so nicely.

  7. Yes! Yes! I see all of that too! I would've done the same thing too and taken a picture on my "not an I phone" phone!

  8. This looks like a watercolor painting with bits of embroidery. Your photos are always so good.

  9. I am loving your photo-paintings. You WILL put them in a collection of sorts, won't you? And you will let me buy that collection of sorts, perhaps in book form, for my own collection?

    To never be bored is an amazing gift. You are gifted, for sure. :)


  10. If we can all remember to see, really see. With our eyes and with our hearts. That's the ticket to magic, isn't it?

  11. Oh I so see the elephant!

    It's my favourite thing about you..the way you see things.


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