“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


I Am

I am: shy, shy, shy

I think: in color

I know:
i am too smart for my good :)

I want:
my own home & +1 reading sunglasses

I have: cold toes this morning

I dislike: hypocrisy & hominy

I miss:
being able to eat anything i want & not gain weight

I fear:
big government

I feel: overwhelmed and too busy

I hear: dennis miller on the radio in the background
& he has magically picked up the vibes i sent his way
& decided that jon hamm should play dean martin
in the upcoming scorcese film.
he thinks he thought that up all on his own.

I smell: photo lacquer still hanging in the air from yesterday

I crave: sun & water & time to do nothing
& money to do that nothing with

I usually:
dislike anything labeled retro.
it's usually the ugly stuff from back then,
the stuff our moms wore or used.

I search:
for the perfect blue

I wonder:
if any of my dreams will come true

I regret:
not marrying young & getting divorced
so people would stop saying about me
" . . . you know, she's never been married . . . "
as if that means there is something wrong with me.
i will post about this some day.

I love:
too deeply

I care:
about the details

I am always: late/exhausted/needing time off

I worry: that if i take time off, the universe will punish me
& the business will fail

I remember:
birthdays whether i send cards or not

I have:
friends who are uneasy about any success i have;
it upsets who i am in their lives

I dance:
when no one is watching

I sing:
made-up songs to my cats

I don’t always: finish my cokes

I argue:
with facts in hand & questions to ask

I write: with my heart & it's tricky as hell

I lose:
my temper at the drop of a hat

I wish:
i didn't

I listen: more than i am listened to

I don't understand: guys (it's always guys)
with those silly (and they are silly)
ridiculously loud car stereos with bass
you can hear from blocks away
who then leave the car & stereo running
while they run into the loan store next door.
okay, maybe i do understand.
it's like a mating dance and that's all they've got to offer.

I can usually be found:
yes - i want to be lost for a while

I am scared:
i will be old & poor
& dependent on the government

I need:
more time alone than people think

I forget: more than I used to

I am happy:
on my own

i found this meme at the lovely caroline's place.
her answers were deeper than mine, but never mind.
you can play along.
you know you want to.


  1. i like you! but then I knew that before i read it!

  2. I love this...gonna put it on fb since I am not on my blog right now

  3. Just found your blog and am INSTANTLY in awe and inspired!!!

  4. I loved your list just as much as caroline's list...
    maybe this weekend, I'll play along....it will help to open my heart and mind a bit more than it has been lately....

  5. You inspired me so I just did my list. Thank you so much.

  6. :-)...thanks for sharing this...and I love those boots!

    I think this would be a great way for me to get my bloggy feet a bit wet...off to make a list.

    Happy weekend!xx

  7. So very inspiring. I need to do a list of my own!!!

  8. I love all these peeks into you. I love how you put that, "I need more time alone than people think." Me, too.

  9. Your list is wonderful and I've found we have much, much, much in common.

  10. sometimes you see into my heart and soul ...

  11. super-cute outfit you are donning in this photo! i love the photo.

    i love this post!
    reminds me of my recent "i am" self-portrait post.

    but i like this one. you're right... i do want to play along! i think i just might very soon.

  12. i So want to do this. now that i've got the questions down, it's a matter of walking toward the answers.

  13. I feel like I already knew so many of these things about you and was just being reminded, and the things that I didn't know, well, when I read them I thought to myself, "of course...that is so her."
    This is so you. Beautiful you.

    I would like to play along too. LOVE these kinds of posts.


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