“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


You're Not Gonna Need a Designated Driver

Wisdom on the back of a bartender's shirt.

I could write more about this question
but I don't think I have to,
I think y'all get it.

I wrote down a phrase this weekend,
the chemistry of ease,
I was listening to Danielle LaPorte at the time
and her 8 second rule,
about how things should be easy,
how you just know.


What a great word.

A great concept.

I know people
who cannot relax unless they leave town,
and I wonder about that,
but they are so truly happy
when gone,
that who am I to say?

So to each of us our own way.
Whatever drink you have in your hand,
a toast.
"To Happiness."
Say it out loud.
When I sit with the mornings,
a coke in my hand,
the day awaiting me,
To Happiness, I will say.

No longer
will my map point the way there,
telling me happiness is
away in the far off lands.

Happiness lives here.
It is under my feet.
I've been standing on it all this time,
unable to see it.

And it tickles.


  1. Choose happiness - I like to say. After all - it IS a choice!! Love this post!!!

  2. amazing t shirt...words ring so true in your post debi...you have"it"

  3. "Happiness lives here.
    It is under my feet.
    I've been standing on it all this time,
    unable to see it.

    And it tickles."

    LOVE that!

  4. Perception is reality as my husband reminds me! I wake up, stretch and choose to be happy and peaceful! Thanks for this reminder!

  5. I LOVE this!!
    i'm not ticklish but i want to be tickled giddy with happiness. To Happiness!

  6. The last stanza and the line "and it tickles" made me exclaim "Yes!". Love it. :)

  7. Fabulous reminder. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  8. let happiness flow where it may. thank you my friend for reminding me :)

  9. Exac-a-tickley what I needed to read today. I raise my cup of Earl Grey, facing Texas, and exclaim at the top of my lungs..."To Happiness!!".

    At this exact moment, there should be a bird peeping outside your window. :)


  10. Yes, indeed it does! Right before our very eyes. All we need do is to open them and see.
    I love that quote!

  11. Great post! Just got home from Happy Hours!!! I want to know more about the 8 second rule.

  12. my glass is held high for this toast....

  13. Sheila - Click the link & watch. PS - It has nothing to do with bullriding, but I do wonder about the magic 8 seconds hold in yet another arena.


  14. i just listened to the 8 second rule... i use this as a therapist..in different ways of course...but i have taught myself to .....give it time.... but the idea of ease? well now that is a message that works in no matter what situation. i believe that ease is my best guide. i'm not so sure i am following that guide at this time but i do know i am happier when i do. i seem always to be striving for ease and yet it does not come on command. it has it's own with navigation system. and if i try to track it down i almost never find it.

    happiness under my feet. i like that mantra very much:)

  15. Cheers to that!! *chink*

    When I read the word ease, I think my shoulders dropped about a foot (I am trying to be conscious of relaxing my shoulders, as they always seem to tense up even when I don't feel particularily tense).

    I will put that word in my pocket today and take a deep breath each time I am conscious of it. What a great word.


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