“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Still Moment: Tuesday Night

still moment

black & white movie on tv,
the sound off.

at the store I bought a small bag of clementines,
unable to resist,
thinking not of Mary this time,
but of the ever-wonderful Michael,
who loves oranges and tangerines and all their kin.
i bought green grapes,
sharp cheddar cheese,
raspberry sorbet,
dark chocolate,
and in the fridge are blueberries and olives.
excepting the sorbet, all finger foods, all easy.
a plate of olives and cheese
the perfect supper
for this still quiet moment called Tuesday night.

there was a mood or a minute this past weekend
when i considered painting over the blue walls at work,
those walls I love so dearly,
and so I stopped to gather paint chips,
finding myself reading instead.
reading their colors,
their names,
like fortune cookies or magical spells.
the one pictured above was my favorite,
still moment,
those two wise words slowing me down,
knowing it was just a bit of wintertime spring fever,
saying think it over,
summertime will be better,
you will have more time,
think it over.

wise words indeed.
monday morning I walked into a workplace
full of stuff to do right now
and have been doing it right now for two days,
but 9 o'clock here on this Tuesday night,
that still moment has at last arrived.
i'm not sure I could be unstill if someone paid me.
it is one of those nights full of no doubts,
no questions hanging thick in the air,
a night made for books about africa,
a fire in the heater,
a sleeping cat in front of that fire.
this night after another hurried day
leaves me too tired to second-guess myself,
my shoulders tight
but the heat in the house a comfort on my muscles,
the silence indescribably delicious.

There are not miles to go before I sleep,
it feels quite close at hand.
Not far at all.
colder air also


  1. poetry that seeps into me like finger foods that taste sweet...easy...tuesday night should be this way . elk

  2. This post is such poetry. I'm buying olives and cheese on my way home tonight. :)

    I've been here, even if it has seemed I was not. I come by and sometimes silently soak in your goodness.

    Peep, peep.

    xo, Graciel

  3. You have a way of quieting even the most busiest of days. Thank-you for these words!!!

  4. oh these words - amazing words you write. i love those still moments when i don't second guess, muscles relaxed - ahh

  5. You know how to keep it simple girl. Raspberry sorbet and dark chocolate..does it get any more perfect than that?!

    I found it amusing that the paint chip you were drawn to, as you wished to cover your blue walls was also blue. You are delightfully charming.


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