“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Quiet Month

the silent month,
speaks in whispers
and the rush of cold wind
through keyholes and broken screens.

It is silence and warmth in my house tonight, a massage earlier, a hot shower, a just right warm bowl of chicken gumbo, Maggie nestled next to my feet, both of us covered with a field of white flowers swirling across a pale blue comforter, pieces of dark chocolate studded with cocoa nibs await me, and my hair smells like lavender and my bed is unmade, piled with square pillows in white shams, rectangular pillows in white ruffled cases, white blankets to snuggle beneath, the cold tonight giving way to real cold tomorrow evening, and I will change the linens to white flannel sheets sprinkled with baby blue flowers, and I will dream of blue flowers, putting away the bad dream of last night, the dream of Maggie which woke me crying and unable to breathe. Tonight there may be sleet and my fingers are crossed, I love the sound of it against the window nearest my bed, candlelight flickering against the ceiling, lulling me to sleep and that dream of blue flowers.

I am barely awake.
The chocolate will have to wait.
. . . and to all a good night . . .


  1. bad dreams are no fun..but the comfort you describe is a delight...stay warm!

  2. How beautiful...I do hope you dream of blue flowers and fall asleep to sound of rain. XO

  3. Snuggle down in that lovely pale blue comforter Debi... sho sho, no bad dreams. I love your image with this post. I could stare at it for ages. Whenever I see that soft turquoisey blue I think of your blog... such a soothing color. Just right for good dreams tonight. xx Vicki

  4. my world is covered in silence this morning. there is so much snow out my window, and it just keeps coming down. i love it! well, right now i do. but in and hour when i have to drive to work in it... not so much. :)

    but it is beautiful.

    love this quiet post. and i love how the photo goes perfectly with your blog colors. beautiful! i hope you got your sleet!

  5. sigh...


    and so, to sleep...

  6. you lull me to sleep with the words you so softly speak.
    the snow falls outside my window tonight and i look forward crawling beneath my soft warm snow white sheets.

  7. so so beautiful!
    and before i go to sleep~
    thank you, friend.

  8. this was beautiful....

    the sleet against the windows...me too ! as long as it's gone in the morning and I don't have to drive through it.....

    the chocolate probably would have been gobbled up though...unless I had already brushed my teeth :)

  9. I hope you slept well, and that these beautiful words of yours danced in your dreams.



  10. This writing feels like a dream. How beautiful.

    Could you, would you, ask everyone in Texas to blow as hard as they can, some of that cold air in a northern direction toward BC? The olympics are coming and the snow is melting it has been so mild!! It feels more like April right now than January.
    Hmmm...you wrote this post on the 6th..perhaps it has warmed up since then? If not..I hope you are snug as a bug under the warmth of those blankets with Maggie keeping your toes warm.


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