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Me vs. Mornings

I should probably save this for Vision and Verb.
A woman of a certain age, indeed.

This is me, morning not my best friend, an image I've had for a while. Since last summer I think, my hair is longer now, and I am wearing a white gown thingie, but other than that not much has changed. My hair is up, pushed off to the side where it moves as I sleep - I cannot sleep unless it is pulled up - and those big old glasses that actually allow me to read, how attractive are they?

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I am thinking of implementing a rule at my house, not allowing anyone but the lovely, lovely Katie to call me between 8 and 9:30 a.m., unless it is an emergency, and by emergency I don't mean asking me where to buy a tankless water heater, or telling me that someone I am kin to but have never met or even heard of has died. I am supposed to be at work by 9:30, and though it is not always or even usually the fault of phone calls or texts that I rarely make it by then, it is often enough. I am not a morning person. I stumble around, I knock things over, I feel rushed. This morning I spilled a coke before even having a coke, and spent my new sitting-with-the-morning time cleaning the carpet.

I don't want texts from anyone either - again, the lovely, lovely Katie is exempt because her calls, texts, or even visits are always interesting and when I say to her I have to take a shower she says okay and goes on her way. Not true with other people who can't understand why I sound aggravated after mentioning a shower 2 or 3 times, or saying I really have to get dressed 2 or 3 times, people who call me later and say are you feeling better? Which actually kind of annoys me right now just thinking about it.

I want to buy a muffin at Brady's without engaging in conversation, I want to get in my Jeep and not have a discussion about anything with up-on-the-corner-Dan. If I see something I want to photograph, I want to photograph and be left alone, and yes, sometimes I look exactly like that picture above while running around the neighborhood - pajama pants and hoodie added for modesty.

My laptop is in the shop, my usual reading-of-the-blogs and emails delayed until I get to work, no morning blogging on my part, even that feels rushed now, trying to squeeze it in between jobs, or, like now, instead of doing what I really should be doing, and I am made suddenly aware of how relaxing it was to start my day with y'all, in silence, Maggie on my lap.

Ah well.
It is now 11:38.
I made it to work by 10.
I look much better than that picture above.
thank goodness


  1. Mornings like that we can do without :-) Nice to hear that it got better later on. Have a nice day!

  2. you make me smile any time of day...i am a morning person, sorry ...:))))

  3. Very cute! I have to say you look much better than I do in the mornings.

  4. Mornings are hard. So hard...and I hate them.

    I'm so bad, usually if I hear the phone ringing early in the morning I ignore it. That's what caller I.D. is for, to look later and see what dumbnut called me so early.

  5. we are all the same! I am like this in the morning as well ... and as for the glasses, I wrote about it for Vision and Verb today. I laughed when I saw your post today, it just made me feel so connected to you.

  6. Amidst all the over efficient early birds that seem to flutter all around me it is refreshing to see that I am not the only one who is NOT a morning person. So NOT. Although I do love it if I am forced out early every now and then, if only to catch the glorious light and perhaps a photo or two. Your rule makes a lot of sense to me! By the way, I found you via my friend Maddie and I can see why she likes you so much :) Take care, Kerstin

  7. And I am such a morning person...but ask me about how I am at 10 p.m. - and I may sound just like you!!!

  8. I'm like a tennis ball...back and forth....when it comes to mornings...sometimes, I'm exactly how you described, but other times, I'm raring to go and moving at lightning speed and nothing bothers me and I just keep going and going....

    can you imagine my family every morning waiting for a sign, letting them know which "me" just rolled out of bed....usually the baseball cap means "watch out" she's moving quickly today :)

  9. you are beautiful! and that is not such a bad rule, my friend. lol

  10. You look smashing in that photo! Morning person or not, the morning itself has nothing against you...



  11. uh...i adore mornings, am quite cheerful and talkative. i never call anyone though, or even want to talk to a live human being. it is just me for the mornings. me and me we can have very interesting conversations before 6. you look adorable in that white thingy and all aglow with light and messy hair.
    i will be to V&V first thing in the morning to read your post!!!
    p.s. i will make a point of never calling you again before 9am to ask about your water heater

  12. OMG, you sound so much like me!! Although, I am up between 5:30 and 6:00 am every morning, including the weekends, but I DO NOT want to talk to anyone. If someone calls, I absolutely know it is going to be my mother and I absolutely know it will take two or three times telling her I'm trying to get ready for work, and she'll say "Oh, you are?" Like she doesn't know I have to get ready for work every morning and she will continue talking. And I'm always about five minutes late for work.

  13. Good morning Beautiful.

    Boy, do I know where you are coming from! This is why I live alone...this is why I climb the mountain in the mornings. The day has got to start peaceful or it won't end peaceful!

    How adorable..can just see you peeking into your lens somewhere in your neighborhood in your jammies!


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