“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Light of a New Year

An early morning walk led me here.

Headed west, an oonch barely barely to the south,
surprising me,
I would've thought directly west, just a bit to the north.
Much to learn this new year.

These fairy lights will soon be gone,
and the sun has already replaced the gray.
So too will I let it move into my life,
into the corners and closets
and overstuffed purses that need cleaning,
need brightness,
need space.

A weekend for just that.
Then the mapmaking begins.

Happy New Year, y'all!
2010 begins with light.
of course


  1. Wonderful...making room and adding light *smiles*. Know what I did last night to bring in the new year? I filed and organized bills and organized my drawers...lol. Oh well, I do feel better...

  2. Ohhhhhh do share your maps and I hope they are filled with paths of joy, health, grace and hearty belly laughs in 2010!

  3. You will navigate by the wondrous light of your own soul in 2010.

    You are so very bright, I can see you from here.

    Happy, blessed, love-filled new year to you, Dear Debi.

    xo, Bird outside your north window

  4. I love your word for the year! ~Navigate~ Maybe I'll adopt it too... if you don't mind. (: Happy mapping my friend!

  5. this is such a cool shot...you made my day with this...just like the lights...porch...berries

  6. just checked out your page in somerset life...GREAT! AND oh, those red birds with white branch!

    also looking at the e-course unraveling...looks interesting, but competitive to register?

    soooooo, happy healthy times ahead with that camera of yours and mine, too.

  7. what a beautiful and poetic post. i identify wholeheartedly. i wish you a bright and joyful new year.

    i could use some light moving into my life. but i have to say, as difficult as 09 was, it taught me so much. it really really did. i am grateful for that.

    glad i found your blog, and am looking forward to reading it throughout the next year and many after that. happy new year!

  8. p.s.
    it made me day to see my blog in your blog roll. i'm touched and honored. thank you!

  9. Happy New Year Debbie!
    Let the map making begin!!

  10. then the mapmaking begins

    I love that.

  11. I love how you walk through your neighborhood, at all times between early morning and deep night. You always find something that stirs you.
    As we step into the new year, I wish you so much love as you navigate through your world...inner and outer.

  12. i love how you are going into the new year with a map - and light to guide you - beautiful. I hope the journey is grand.
    Happy New Year my friend.

  13. overstuffed purses....files unfiled....data not entered....

    seems I've some mapmaking myself to accomplish.

    let the sun shine in, alright.

    shaking things up this year...you set a fine example. xoxo

  14. a new favorite photo for me :) i love it! and lookee there...jamie's comment...such a perfect omen for one of this year's projects. you're map is right on target.
    and i love this quote..."You are so very bright, I can see you from here." me too :)


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