“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


In Which A Violin Sings Songs of the Soul

He said he played for himself.

Said it was either the violin or something darker.

He said he would play for hours
people would stop and ask
how he was feeling,
standing there baring his soul,
and couldn't they tell? he asked me,
Didn't they know?

He was outside a bookstore in the afternoon sun,
and I didn't ask how long he'd played today,
but his hat had some money in it,
and he hadn't been there when I'd gone in,
only when I came out,
so maybe not too long,
although I spent a bit of time inside.
I dropped a five dollar bill in the hat,
and walked to the Jeep,
listening to his beautiful music,
poetry in the January-warm air,
and picked up my camera,
deciding if he could be brave, so could I,
and asked to take pictures,
just your feet and the hat, I said,
which I think made him laugh,
but he got it,
and I got braver and took more.

The day had been full of omens,
a broken bracelet at the vet's,
tears at hearing the words in the last stages of,
a hawk circling over my car at a stoplight,
slow lazy zeros,
around and around and around,
and I'd gone to eat,
then to spend some Christmas money at the bookstore.

And when I came out there he was.
The Universe hands out gifts.
I say it all the time.

When I got back to the Jeep to leave,
and turned to wave goodbye,
he was gone.
katie saw him weeks ago


  1. Hey its me. The violinist. I got on your site when you asked me to. I had no idea the photo would be posted so soon. I think your work is awesome. Please email me at Cryptkeeper1992@yahoo.com sometime. It was a cool chance meeting you. 0o your right. The universe does hand out gifts.

  2. oh, what a great connection!! and the telling: "the universe does hand out gifts."


  3. you are a gift to me. thank you universe.

  4. Your writing is a wonderful gift. I'm so looking forward to gettinh to know you better in the coming year. Wishing you the best.

  5. You know he was only there for you, right?

  6. Love how you connected all of the signs..and the gifts of the universe. Really wonderful post!!!

  7. All I can say is AWESOME!!!! I love this post. I can feel it all.

    Hey violinist, where are you going to be next?

  8. Oh! Happy 2010!

    My underwear hasn't even fallen off in public yet! And I've been outside multiple times!

    Now that's a good omen!

  9. Oh so true, the universe is a generous soul!

    sounds like magic to me


  10. This gave me goosebumps. I am covered with them right now. The way you wrote about this soul you met, and his answering to you here.

    Thank you.

    I am inspired to become braver too.

  11. Loved this post and the connection you made with the violinist but very sorry to hear the "in the last stages of" part. I'm glad the universe sent you someone to lift your heart when you needed it.

  12. What a beautiful, insightful, post. I am delighting in catching up with all your beauty, in all you have to say, and your view of the world.


  13. WOW, this is truly lovely! I am thrilled to have stumbled here this morning!

  14. Really sweet and thoughtful--and a great picture.

  15. The Soul never disappoints us, Debi. Thanks for sharing this. It's beautiful.

  16. Beautiful and poignant, and so true. I remember the day my baby bunny died... It was one of the hardest and saddest days of my life. Lu was such a sweet thing, and only a year old. But as we buried her, there were *five* rainbows in the sky. I have never seen anything like it, before or since, and yes, I believe it was a gift.

  17. Awwk,,,I was scrolling through your posts and "bam" I recognized the shirt and sleeves. It was amazing. Barnes and Noble, I too am glad I contributed. Thnsx glenn

  18. He was your "Christmas spirit" delivered up to you ghosty-style...like the hobo on the train from Polar Express.....

    We all have them, only the most tuned in of us sees them (you.)

    Oh the very fact that you recognize such gifts makes you extra special. I'm grateful you posted this, I needed to read it today. Thank you.



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