“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


In the Company of Purrs

She keeps me company.

We had a long weekend,
this cat and I,
time creeping up on us,
and she stayed near.

I have moved the blue table
and replaced it with a bench
here behind the couch,
piled it with art papers and other goodies,
moved the table farther back into the room,
trying to find more "studio" space,
though I haven't painted a drop since last June.
I am sitting at the table taking this image.
And it is Saturday afternoon.
Now it is Tuesday night
and she is curled in my lap,
suddenly asleep,
her loud purrs gone silent.

It was, as I said, a long weekend.
She felt bad and I stayed near.
There is,
after all,
nothing like a warm lap when you need one.

She is better now and I am once again amazed at her resilience, her stubbornness, her determination to squeeze every ounce of life from each day. There was 70 degree sunshine to sit in today, there were cardinals in the yard and squirrels in the trees, pleasures that more than made up for the weekend indoors, for the bit of rain.

My life lately is the other side of that couch pictured above. It is where I sit now surrounded by all I will need for a while - cell phone, land line phone, laptop, tv remote, Coca Cola on ice, books, anything I can think of so I won't disturb her unless absolutely necessary. It is my bed for my first few hours of sleep, a close spot to keep an eye on her, but she is better and perhaps tonight I will find 8 hours of shuteye in my bed bed.

In the meantime, however, the couch is our island,
afloat in the living room.
Can islands float?
Never mind.
I am learning to navigate
in all sorts of places.
first mate asleep in my lap


  1. I also have a constant companion tabby. She has a hate/hate relationship with my laptop though and somehow manages to take up my whole lap so that I end up typing on the arm of my chair. Oh well. :)

  2. I am in love with your kitty and I embrace your posts that feature her. I have three babies of my own and my Sammy is 14. I know that one day he will leave me. I dread it. They give us so much and leave us too soon.

  3. Such beautiful words - of holding on..of love..of relationship between us and our four-footed friends.

  4. .a watchful and kind person you are my friend.it is a very special photo.

  5. It's so nice to be back visiting...many of my favorite blogs have changed looks that I felt I'd been gone a lifetime. I was happy to find your familiar colours unchanged. It grounded me again.

  6. love love love to Maggie..and more love.
    And so much love to you. xoxoxo

  7. morning, popped in to comment...had to, am lying in bed, laptop on knees, and one very large, very noisy, furry person (taking up an inordinate amount of the bed) is lying close. mornings are not the same without him. J goes off early and the cat and I have the bed all to ourselves. it's bliss. what would we be without them :)


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