“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Fabulous Day

There is rain in the air
and an 8th church fire.

But still,
I feel fabulous.
I can breathe.
I can dance.
No coat needed.
No socks.
Maggie the cat feels it too.
An early false spring brings smiles even to cats,
and she was outside on the footbridge,
watching the water below.

Storms are coming.
They always are.
I refuse to worry.
What will be will be
and winter will return, it still being January.
Sepia light pours from the sky,
going gray in advance of those storms,
the color of pale fog.

But still.
A fabulous day.
dance with me


  1. "what will be will be" i adore it!

  2. my daughter and I were just talking about the "false spring" we've been feeling, makes the cold days ahead hard but we both agreed warmth is a good thing.
    I took a picture this weekend on my trip that is the sister to the one you posted today..it is the simple things I am always drawn to.

  3. we will take the gift .yes..and your image ..such a lovely piece

  4. Yes, it is amazing how the gray days CAN indeed be fabulous. Your post serves as a reminder to look for the hidden beauty.

  5. it's a beautiful winter day here in connecticut, too. bright sun and, although still fairly cold at 42 degrees (in the shade!) it's not as cold as it could be. last week it was 19.

    rain in the air is nice. it rained yesterday and i got wet and sticky hair as i put my groceries into the trunk.

    hugs to maggie the cat. i'd come dance with both of you if i could :)


  6. whether or not, the weather will come.

  7. catching up with your thoughts and words...

    the weather will return, as we too have been spoiled a bit...but like you said, it's january.

    islands do float...at least in my book they do :)

    and why...why the church fires...I don't understand.

    oh and ummmm....the studio and wanting more space and having not painted for months...I know the feeling all too well, but it's in your blood...it's like breathing....it will return !

  8. Oh, I can feel your joy through your words. It does make you feel light and energized, doesn't it? Yesterday we had 57 degrees, sunny and breezy. Perfect weather! You can imagine, our recess went on and on.

  9. Oh I can just picture that dramatic beautiful sky.
    Happy spring...if even just for a day or two. ;)

  10. And such fabulous words so that we may soak up the sepia with you...

    love to you!

  11. You have a way of making the rain sound magical!!!

  12. You have such a way with words! I just clicked over from Shutter Sisters...so glad I found you.

  13. I am so glad you are a part of V&V. The stories you tell and the way in which you tell them is superb - if I could only write half as well, I would be thrilled.

  14. love the image!! sepia light pours from the sky....:) yes.

    i do not have the same feeling about the weather here. for the very first time in my living memory i don't want it to get warm and sunny. not just yet anyway....


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