“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


December Views 2: Cute Gloves + Stars

I am a wordy girl.
So there will be just a few
as I try these December views.
There are no rules.
Much cooler air today, a freeze possible tonight.
Feels a bit more Christmasy,
or at least December-y.
Cute gloves.
Stars on the skull.
That antique green door.
A new heater.
So heat.
Lovely heat.
Just in time.
fabulous heat


  1. very cute gloves, love the colour, and a most lovely december view!

  2. OMG...those gloves! And the color!!!

  3. love the gloves. those fingerless type are much easier for photo-taking aren't they?

  4. ohhhhh ... those gloves are beautiful especially with stripeys :-) cute cutes

  5. Your gloves are so pretty- I love the colours and stars of course!

  6. oh... you wear the fingerless gloves too ?
    love them !

    although today, at 27 degrees on my way home from my sister's house....I was glad the gloves I was wearing had fingers :)

  7. and oh...you have great hair by the way !

  8. Everybody is about the gloves...i only have eyes for the model!!! She.is gorgeous! Fabulously beautiful! xx

  9. Oh. I just bought myself some black fingerless gloves (mainly for photo sessions out in the cold..still need to be able to use my fingers, but wanted to add some warmth!)...and I got black so they would go with anything I was wearing...but now that I have seen those lovely bluey green ones that you are wearing..they are so gorgeous!!! I wish I had been a little braver! Maybe I can get myself another pair.
    Yes. Maybe two or three.


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