“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


December Truth 1: Craziness. A Momentary Break from December Views. Darlene will Understand.

A small break from December Views (you knew I couldn't last too long, didn't you?), me being a word girl, me walking through the day gathering up the truths as I see them. At work there are white boxes with green labels, stacked and waiting for Christmas cards to be printed, the envelopes - hand counted by yours truly - already tucked inside, with one extra per box; names are on the labels. There are mounds of completed work orders begging to be filed, but on my desk are more important Zip Lock bags filled with not-yet-started work orders + camera cards + special instructions – this mom wants no part of the Christmas background showing, can we crop to here?, this dad wants his name on his daughter’s portrait package, his ex-wife will not give him his order if they are accidentally sent home to her, there are inexplicable phone calls to answer – the mother who insists she has lost her portraits and can she order more, ignoring my explanation that she has yet to receive them, they’ve not been delivered; she wants to argue that point, she’s seen them, she tells me, and she’s lost them and she needs more. Looking at the pictures in question – they are, after all, still there, right in front of me, I finally give up and tell her yes, I’ll print more but she’ll have to pay again, and fine, fine, she says, fine. There are voice mails and answering machine messages that are indecipherable, and I am sorry for all the people whom I don’t call back but I can’t hear you, or understand you, and sometimes I want to change the message on the machine to say we’re Texans, please talk more slowly so I can understand you. There are sports jobs with forms the parents were to’ve filled out but didn’t, so their sons and daughters will receive trading cards with no information on them and I hope their names are spelled right, I have nothing against which to check those spellings. There are calendars showing which schools close for Christmas break when, and there are late orders handed in daily to be added to jobs already started. Everyone needs everything now. There are checks returned for insufficient funds, there are credit cards refused, but everyone wants their pictures before school lets out and it is a constant juggling act of mind, pen & paper to keep track of who’s really paid and who hasn’t yet, and really, they all will, it’s rare that they don’t, and we, too, want those pictures delivered in time, these are pictures of little kids, after all, and it’s Christmas, and we do what we can to get everything where it needs to be when it needs to be. And if something happens, like this week’s delay in receiving chemistry with which to actually print the pictures, we run even harder to stay caught up, even though poor Michael has a cold he brought home for his birthday. But the day finally, finally comes to an end and we are out the doors into the darkness, telling Lily good night.

Tonight, there was a Christmas parade in motion when I left work, cold air making me hurry, hurry, the parade route had changed and now marched by within a block of our business; I could walk to it in a minute, but not knowing that I became snarled in traffic - I apparently not being the only one not knowing this – finding a place to turn around, my usual route home blocked off, the cold air like I said making me impatient although there was a moment, but only one, when I watched high school kids marching by as I maneuvered the Jeep inch by inch, and I thought about just parking and watching from that empty vantage point, but by then I’d made the turn and dialed the ever-wonderful Michael to warn him away, and there were cars everywhere and the moment was gone. And it was cold. 4 blocks later my next turn was blocked by a fire truck, though no fire to be seen, I hope everything was okay, and another 6 or 8 blocks and I was home to Maggie and a warm house and blessed silence and there it is, that is the beginning of my December Truths. That is how things come to be.

December Truth #1 - It will just be crazy.
Accept it and fall into the craziness.
Things will be easier.
santa claus is coming to town & he's riding a fire truck


  1. Love it! Was out in the "snow" today. There's probably no more bread at the grocery store! And yes, the craziness has begun.

  2. Is that not the absolute truth (December truth #1)!
    Every day I work on the acceptance part. Gentle reminders like yours helps to keep it in the forefront and OK.

  3. deb
    worked in retail
    for 11 years
    understand...it is truth

  4. hi you. it's me. here in chicago. playing "pick-up-the-toys-ain't-this-such-fun!" with olivia. planning for making xmas cookies today with rachel. loving the snow. .as long as it is white. and outside. and i don't have to leave the house. and i live somewhere else far, far west of here.

    busy, busy work time for you! i love the woman who ordered twice :) poor thing must have identical twins.

    december views. i could never do them. i admire your daring :)

    btw. are your own xmas cards complete and ready to wing their was to places west? mine aren't:(

  5. My life is very quiet, and it is still crazy at this time of year. Honestly, December Views is the only thing that keeps me sane through the holidays. I need that quiet space.

  6. oh my, it is crazy, lol about the woman who re-ordered pictures yet unsent. good that you can let yourself fall ..... and yay for us that you could not last.

  7. two truths, yes i totally understand ;-) and oh yes it will be crazy and acceptance is the only way :-) xoxox

  8. Customer service...we've all been there. Sigh.
    But your heart is in the right place. It always is.

    Sending you a quiet spot, a blanket and a warm cup of tea. You can take just a moment, for you, won't you?

    hugs and more hugs.


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