“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Chocolate, Clementines & Sugar Cookies

My tree.

I had no idea that the branches were so helter-skeltered askew until I took this image, but how fitting, how perfect, so I will let them stay. Christmas is really, really almost here and I am quite in disbelief, but having just found online the gift-that-could-not-be-found for a certain almost 13 year old girl , with next day shipping, with assurances it will be here by Christmas Eve, makes me feel lighter and much more in the mood, and just about time, I know, here I sit on the 22nd with shopping still to go and no cards sent, but the box to Michigan is off today, and truly, at last, I feel I can take a breath, and I will even admit to you that I ate 2 pieces of chocolate with my breakfast this morning, and perhaps that has made the difference.

The weather outside is anything but frightful here in my part of Texas, in the mid 60s today, but this morning's sunshine has turned to gray skies and rain is on its way, followed by a promise of cold air on Christmas Eve, into the 20s, and although I am not fond of cold weather, Christmas Eve is an exception I can make. I would even smile at a bit of snow. What has made me smile lately are clementines in the grocery store - Mary would insist on clementines when they showed up, despite the price, and cherries also, she loved cherries; sitting in Christmas traffic listening to the Temptations sing Silent Night, surrounded by Christmas lights, and a string of red taillights looking like they should be hung on a tree; the orange bow tied around a box of chocolates I received last night; surprises coming up in 2010, the first in January - I will tell you all about it then; an early Christmas gift with which I photographed the above image, be still my heart; new books awaiting me at home, friends for the cold weather ahead, a whole stack of them; pieces of art which have been appearing in my mailbox; the fact that all the Christmas cards I have received have been red or bordered in red or red-themed.

I think I will buy clementines and sugar cookies tonight.
A perfect supper
for a day
which began with chocolate.
absolutely perfect


  1. breakfast chocolate...clementines...
    branches askew...i like it here

  2. What a beautiful tree. We haven't decorated ours yet. We always do that the day before Christmas Eve.

  3. this post just makes me happy. clementines and chocolate for breakfast is ok with me.love your feather tree and this photograph. sounds like things are really looking up for you. Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Sighing again. Crooked feathered trees, January surprises, clementines and cherries, stacks of friends, and art in the mailbox. You do know how to live, my friend.

  5. Chocolate tastes exceptionally good first thing in the morning, doesn't it?

    And to end it with sugar cookies? Well..that is perfection!


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