“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


What i should have mentioned on Halloween

I should have posted this on Halloween,
these ghostprints of leaves on a fence.

And I should have told you about the woman
who brought her horse to Halloween,
painted like a zebra.

And there was the miniature pony which made us smile
and we agreed that someone who didn't smile at such a sight
was utterly beyond beyond and flat-out hopeless.

There was the annual extravaganza next door,
much too much,
sending the lovely, lovely Katie and I
scurrying for the party in the woods,
she in ruby slippers,
I needing Pepto-Bismol
after backing out of the driveway whilst facing the neighbor's strobe,
saying I will drink some at the first red light,
but, wouldn't you know it?
We caught every light green until almost out of town,
in fact there was only one more light to go,
and by then I almost didn't need the Pepto,
but drank it anyway.

Good thing - there were cupcakes.


  1. Love that photo...looks like ghostly eyes...so cool. Sounds like you had quiet a Halloween...would have loved to see that painted horse...

  2. And you? What did you dress as for the party? Tell me you made your constantly present wings visible.

  3. What a fabulous photo! "ghostprints of leaves" - eeeeeee! I will keep this in mind all day...




    They make everything all better.

  5. photo is very special..those fences NEED leaf prints don't ya know...

    pepto bismol and halloween go together I say!

  6. And the lovely, lovely Katie said it was quite a night!!!!


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