“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Third Person

You never know who will be a part of your life, or maybe you do know- immediately - but you don't know when, but usually life is full of surprises and the redhead above was certainly one of those. Back last year I said I would introduce y'all to the people on my block, in my neighborhood, and I started and ended with Mary, and it was just too hard to go on, and besides, I kind of figured y'all knew the lovely, lovely Katie from the mentions she gets here and there, and certainly you've lived through the wedding drama with her, but here's what you don't know. Sunday night Maggie sat in her lap. Folks!!!! There should be fanfare, you should hear trumpets, angels should be flying overhead! This is uncharted territory for Maggie and Katie and me - I almost felt jealous - and it is that kind of territory for Maggie that, until now, was beyond here be monsters kind of territory. It was a moment, big enough that Katie even messaged her new hubby OMG!

Hers is the third lap Maggie has ever been in, and the second was only last week, and it was Michael's and Maggie's known him 17 years. For that matter, she's known me daily for 17 years and only began sitting in my lap recently. Katie took 5 years. She is the third person Maggie loves.

I know all kinds of things about her - Katie, that is, although I also know all kinds of things about Maggie. She is a high maintenance restaurant kind of gal - I'll have an extra bowl of black olives on the side, and only Romaine lettuce, and no cheese on the pizza - and I like that because it makes it easier for me to get what I want; I have always been a secret high maintenance restaurant kind of gal, but too shy to say anything. I know her colors - see that phone in her hand? - and the kinds of shoes she likes, and how happy she is to finally have her couch in to be reupholstered. I know how honest she is, what she wants for the future, her struggles with the present. I know how strong she is, both emotionally and physically, how little she suffers fools, how much she likes fairy lights strung about anywhere, how good she looks in hats. She owns her own business and just today her mother told her she had grown up smart.

I knew the instant she showed up, the moment she became part of Robert's life, that she would end up Mrs. Robert. They live upstairs (is she now Mrs. landlord?) and she passes my door several times a day, poking in her head to say hi sometimes, grabbing a glass of wine and settling in for a movie or a football game - yes, we are sometimes just 2 girls watching football, and I will say right here that we love Peyton Manning, but not Tom Brady, and that Tony Romo makes us nervous; she knows if my blinds are down that I need privacy and she gives it, but if they stay down too awfully long, she will text me to see if I'm okay. We are two circles intersecting, moving always, so that the intersection is smaller at times, bigger at other times, sometimes apart but circling, circling, like hula hoops (she is the sage-y green one, I am the baby blue); we will come back together again. It is not a static friendship, it grows and moves and grows and moves and grows some more.

She is much more a people person than me - I am fine with a friend or two and my cat and my house and books, but she is more extroverted, and has gently pushed me out into the world more, and for that I thank her. I also say a thank you on Maggie's behalf, who would say it if she could, and, in fact, did so the other night when she climbed onto Katie's lap. She (Katie) won't see this for a while, there is a political fund raiser thing scheduled for tonight (I've told y'all we are political people) and she won't read my blog for a bit, but I will tell her I saw her go by the door with something black to wear, and I suspect she has exchanged the new red coat for black. I expect she knows best, although the red looked like fun.


  1. Katie seems like one cool chick - Maggie has great taste! I'm a football chick also - and am lucky enough to have another football chick in my life - and we're both lifelong Saints fans (there's not that many of us out there)!

  2. sounds like a special friendship. such a cute photo. thanks for sharing.

  3. I got up in the middle of the night (too much wine) and was browsing the web while missing my couch that comforts me when I have had too much to drink. What a sweet surprise to visit your blog and read such a sweet post and tribute to me. I am very grateful for our friendship and I am inspired by you to keep writing and keep blogging. It was your hawk energy that saw the Mrs. Robert. "The hawk is known for seeing the bigger picture as seen from spirit" I read that somewhere when I looked up hawk energy the other day. I never in a million years thought Maggie would ever even think about getting in my lap but even animals venture out and change. Some animals get meaner in their old age and some get calmer and more relaxed like humans.

    I bought another coat. Not gonna give up the red one, it is too much fun just saving it for christmas.

    Love, Katie

  4. imagine. what made maggie make that move? you have to wonder after all the time watching and listening she just said to herself, "yeah, i can sit in her lap, no big woop."

  5. that is a great hat. and it sounds like you have a great friend.

  6. I love the excitement in your voice speaking about your friends... love to all three of you, and here's to hoping she sits in your lap next...



  7. red coats, marvelous hats and big bowls of olives on the side?


    cats know best after all:)

  8. The most perfect description of the lovely Katie ever. I was going to blog about her as well, but mine won't do her justice. She better not get rid of that fabulous red coat!!! And i love her new hat addition to her already fun wardrobe.

  9. Animals are good judges of character...they just know these things. And from reading this wonderful tribute to close girlfriendship, I think Maggie has very fine tuned intuition about the people you hold dear.

  10. it is a beautiful thing to have a person who knows "when the blinds are down too long" and let's the friendship guide her to your heart.

    good maggie. she is the perfect example of 'it is never too late' for whatever it is that you almost didn't do before you passed into the next world. not that maggie is going anywhere soon but you know what i mean... it was bucket list kind of thing to do. lovely katie has a wonderful red-headedsmile :)


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