“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Is this Heaven? No, it's just Ginkgo.

I'll be off for a couple of days so thought I'd leave you with this.

The ginkgo down the street.
There are several in the neighborhood
and even one at City Hall,
and a baby one in Mary's front yard,
but this is the best.
A block and a half from my house,
it's where I turn right each morning on the way in to work.

Not bad, huh?
and i think the house is empty - for sale, she says?


  1. OMG...gorgeous! I clicked on the photo to see it larger and my heart almost stopped. The processing is amazing and the colors divine. I would love to see this everyday :)

  2. that is one brilliant tree!
    i love ginkgo trees. we have 3 small ones in the yard. one has lost all of it's leaves, one is still partly green and the other is vibrant yellow. last year they changed at the same time. hmm

  3. It's a beautiful tree. The colors and light this time of year are just achingly gorgeous.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back to read your often.

  4. So beautiful! You will be missed. Have fun.

  5. Love this color. Loved the 11/10 post. But most of all, I love the Who am I post. You rock!

  6. Oh, oh! Gorgeous!!

    I hope you're enjoying your time away...:-)

  7. Not bad at all! I love Gingkos, and I happen to think they they are magical ents. Enjoy your weekend away!

  8. so full of such gorgeous light! have a wonderful get-away!

  9. Oh my! I'll have to drive by! Where are you going? Somewhere wonderful, I hope.

  10. lovely.
    as is your site, your photos.
    inspiring, really.

    safe travels,

  11. Those are the best looking Ginkos I've ever seen! The ones here seem to struggle.
    Thanks for the shot!

  12. g l o r i o u s


    burnished joy:)

  13. Gasp!
    It's like the sun came down and settled itself right in the branches of that beautiful tree.


  14. NativeOkie said...I hope I have the photographers (Deb) permission to copy this photo and use as my new screensaver. It is beautiful and I love the comment about the sun settling itself in the tree, and Deb you have captured that very sun and tree. Wonderful! Some day we are going to have to meet, at the lighted up house in Tyler this year maybe. Blessings on you and yours, Connie

  15. This is just wonderful! I drive an extra block to just to see and feel the magic of this magnificent tree every morning and I was so thankful to wake up the other morning and find all the gold was still there after the storm. Robert took some photos of me gathering it's golden droplets yesterday afternoon.


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