“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Walking into the day

I am off for a walk today, to slide my feet through fallen leaves, to stand in tall flowers, to journey inside the landscape, to wander into fall, to let loose my soul, to stop the too-much thinking. I will not look for anything, I will just see what I see, what is there, and open my arms to embrace whatever it may be. I will make friends with the leaves gone yellow, the flowers still red, the trees changing seasons, the wind, the gray sky, the messiness of autumn, and I will play. I will be dangerous with my camera, I will take those pictures I believe I cannot, I will throw away my preconceived ideas of beauty. I will wallow in the day with pure abandonment, and sneeze when a breeze blows something my way. I will walk into the moment.
come with me


  1. Such beautiful words here... I love .... "I will walk into the moment..." Your thoughts echo what I need to bring to this day. Thank you... Roxanne

  2. today we walked in the moment too and slid through leaves. :)
    i love the words "the messiness of autumn"


  3. Beautiful post! Congratulations on having some of your paintings accepted in the art show! Autumn is my favorite season. The final color of the year. It's like it's an explosion of color, ridding itself of leftover paint, knowing it's about to hibernate four to five months, so Autumn rolls up the tube using the last of the color, so as not to waste any.

  4. This sounds like exactly what I need right now. I definitely understand what you mean by too much thinking...
    It's late now, and very cold out, but I think tomorrow when I wake up I will go for a walk before anything else, and allow autumn to warm my heart. I hope your walk was magical today.

  5. I'm honoured to read about your glorious undertaking today...to walk INTO the moment, how very beautiful. xoxo

  6. You not only are an artist on canvas, but an artist on paper. Very poetic, debi. I wallowed all day Saturday in the country. It's like I can't open my eyes wide enough to take the beauty all in. I love autumn.

  7. Oh, if only we could live our lives like this every moment of every day. How much more we would experience! I haven't found the "perfect" pics yet which is why you haven't gotten my email yet!

  8. Sounds perfect and free!



  9. sounds like such a great way to approach the day. you saw and experienced wonder i just know it. i see it here. : )

  10. I do love a good sneeze. And a good walk. And the messiness of autumn. And your words. Especially, your life-filled words.

  11. I hope you let go with complete abandon and played wildly!
    I hope to do the same today.
    The sun came out. :)


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