“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Stepping away from October: November beckons

Saturday morning.
The rain stopped yesterday afternoon.

Cold air has moved in.
Well, at least cold to us Texans;
it ain't minus anything degrees.
But still, gloves are required, as I discovered last night,
and rediscovered this morning.

This month of October comes to an end
with revelry
and a clock turned back to gain an hour.
When tonight is done,
I will at last feel I can breathe.
Can take a moment.
It's been busy for me;
I can go months
without attending any parties
or get-togethers
and be perfectly content.
These last few weeks
each weekend has brought a new celebration
of some kind.
Photography, art, Halloween.

Last Sunday the discovery of an afternoon yoga class,
1-1/2 hours in a room lined with fairy lights
and quiet.

But I have a project I must finish
within the next 2 weeks -
you'll hear more later, not much to tell now -
and I need the time to step back,
to be quiet,
to hold a camera in my hand with purpose.

So tonight,
this end of October,
this marvelous night for a moondance,
marks more than a spot on the calendar for me.
It is the beginning of some time alone.
As in the image above,
I am standing atop some stairs,
about to start this journey.

And then the holidays will be here.
I will have caught my 2nd breath by then.
and i will move forward


  1. Oh, I will still be here. Just no parties for a bit. LOL!

  2. I am sitting in my dining room sipping an early morning tea and thinking about the miserable weather outside my window. November came in with gale force winds this year. I was kind-of blue thinking about it, but then I read this and you made me feel so much better! You are right - a little while for hibernation is a very good thing!! Thank you!

  3. I am sad to see October go...it's my favourite month, but indeed, November speaks to us to rest and regain energy for the Christmas season..... which is approaching quickly! I must get some shopping done!
    Nah...I much prefer the peacefulness of your words which invite me to find a quiet space to breathe too.
    May you find your peaceful place and absorb all the serenity your heart can contain.

  4. That cold air does make us pause, yes? It is a good time for solitude and reflection...


  5. i agree perfect month for relaxing, peacefully at home until the holidays approach full force
    love your photo.

  6. I, too, find myself needing space and time to be alone. To just be. That time is difficult to find, but oh so precious. And of course, there is the joy of returning back to the noise and chaos of all those we loved.


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