“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


october weekend / 1

There is a butterfly who lives at an intersection near our business.

I know it is probably not the same butterfly,
that it is no doubt a family
taking turns to swoop in front of me each day,
but I like to think it is the same one saying hello,
sprinkling sparkling butterfly energy over me as I pass by.
I swear I can feel the silver bits land on me.

It is October.
Anything is possible.
It is time to dance under the moon.

Of all the months of Autumn,
October seems the friendliest.
It is the time of play,
of standing beneath windstorms of falling leaves.
It is the calm before the storm of November;
Thanksgiving to be prepared,
Christmas shopping to begin.
It is the time to let go
and I am unfurling today,
gone with October breezes.

I look at the wings of a butterfly
and think
there should be a poem there somewhere.
But nothing comes
and I wonder if the wings are the poem
or the looking?

Our first October weekend.
Fly into it
with leaves swirling about you.
i am off


  1. The poem is here, mi amor, in your words... they have danced just as your butterfly family has...

    I will take your advice and fly into my weekend arms wide!



  2. October is a magical time - a time for flexing and unfurling. Have a great weekend!

  3. i will my friend...i think flying is all i can do at this point

  4. it's so breathtaking... your words, your place here... October.

  5. The noticing of it, the rejoicing of it: that is the poem. The wings and the intake of breath are the words, the light and wind the punctuation.

  6. I shall.
    Fly into it, that is.
    October should be called "Roctober".

  7. October is my most favourite month...for many of the same reasons you posted here. It is such a cosy time, and oh so very beautiful.
    Funny..you are the second person that I have come across recently that talked of this being a time to let go. I have never heard that before. And it is SO true and relevent to my life situation right now.
    Thank you for the confirmation.


  8. I am nothing but sighs tonight. Sighs and one big puddle of mush. Oh, I needed your magic and your poetry tonight.


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