“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


mexican food y rain, y llueve

Mexican restaurant.
Storm in the sky.
Too much cilantro in the salsa.
Too much rain pouring down.
Too much.
The heavens opened up.
We just began to laugh.


  1. I adore these photos. Bliss~ the lights and your words.

  2. Lovely...a wonderful evening. I love a good hard rain.

  3. Yes, but how were the margaritas and the enchiladas?

  4. We are finally getting some rain here too...finally! But seemingly not as much as they have forcast...the rain gods must be having a party down near you instead.


  5. oops...forecast, not forcast. I really can spell. ;)

    And ooooh...I got the word wings for my verification word! Usually it's some unknown, made up thing...but I got my wings today! xo

  6. I beginning to have gills,, today,, a treat...

  7. love these twinkling lights! funny I had mexican for dinner yesterday too. roast Chicken in a creamy chipotle sauce, m-m-m-m!

  8. Push that rain into New Mexico - we need a good rain!

  9. Great mood here Debi. xo
    Oh and too much cilantro is never a good thing.

  10. Love that Jalapeno Tree! Sorry, I disagree - bring on the cilantro and lime! Takes me down to Mexico when I close my eyes!

  11. Have you ever been to the J.T. in Longview? Their shrimp enchiladas are to die for! I need to take me a trip over there...

  12. sometimes you just have to laugh,
    i had mexican soup last night by the fire - stayed in from the rain.

  13. I LOVE these images ~ what IS it exactly about twinkle lights I love so much...I think because they are
    strung up with the intention of
    bringing a little twinkle ~ they
    are celebratory and they remind
    me that we can create a twinkly environment...

    lovely lovely lovely!

  14. Laughter. It's the best response to too, too much. Much better than crying, yes?

  15. Christina - I write this knowing you are under the weather, and wondering about that term. Hope you are a bit better. Imagine good salsa waiting for you when you are up and about. :)

    Caroline - Normally I would be in agreement. Weeks of it grow wearisome however, and when this deluge hit, we could do nothing but laugh. Just craziness!

    Now Paula, you naughty thing. It was a work day! LOL!

    Jaime - Still have those wings? :)

    Glenn - :) Perhaps we will evolve gills.

    Raine - Weird that we're getting so much. I've been through those times of no rain and they are just as bad, so I am pushing as hard as I can. Any sprinkles yet?

    Gillian - Thank you. Yes, a little cilantro goes a long way with me. In fact none is just fine. :)

    Vickie - Lime, si, cilantro, no, gracias, no. I am also not a huge enchilada fan, so not sure about shrimp enchiladas. Fish tacos, though - yes, yes, yes! I think the best are at Stanley's BBQ.

    Suvarna - I will write a post someday about Mexican food here. A mom & pop taqueria on every block, sometimes next door to each other. We got Tex-Mex, Mex-Mex, fancy Mex, franchise Mex, you name it. I like the little places usually, but these lights drew us in.

    SYW - Tortilla soup? Creamy or not? I love it not with a plate of avocados. Oh man. Now I'm hungry.

    Maddie - Yes, yes! The lights make it a celebration!

    Relyn - It was laugh or cry, definitely. There has been much complaining on my part, I admit, but water was beginning to seep under my front door and well, that's just too much water. LOL!

    :) Debi


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