“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Let's talk about red, baby

Last night I dreamed of kisses and cake.

There are few red things in my life - boots, high heels, lipsticks, fingernail polish, Coca-Cola cans, Netflix envelopes, the edges of labels on vitamin bottles. I am not a red girl except in punctuations - red flipflops with jeans and a white t-shirt, a red line in a painting. I'm not a fan of red cars, although I think red cars are to men what red high heels are to women, and I should be more forgiving of those men, but being human and quite imperfect, I'm not.

Red is about attention - the power button (of course, the power button) on my remote control is red. Red is too much stimulation and I, who am easily stimulated, overly sensitive to the color noise around me, like it in small doses. I have a red velvet bra I wear at Christmas, but my Christmas tree is never red. I love your tree which is, but mine? Always whites & blues & softer colors.

That said, there have been red-hot kisses that turn my cheeks a bit rosy in the remembering, there are strawberries in the summer that stain my lips for free, there is a red beaded purse in a blue box in my closet which I have never used, but love dearly - bought on the spur of the moment because I just had to have it, there are the red beads on a milagro studded bracelet my friend Lulu made for me, there are cardinals in the front yard, the red Turkish caps across the street in Mary's side yard. There are red roses, which, while not my favorite, are still quite wonderful. There are Dorothy's ruby slippers. There are red umbrellas which reflect the loveliest light back onto your face in the midst of a dreary gray day. There is the red moment called autumn, the trees quite gaudy for just a bit, just long enough here in Texas, the leaves gone before wearing out their welcome. I admit to the fantasy of a long red coat swirling about me in the wind. There are pomegranates and tomatoes and raspberries and red bell peppers and red hot peppers. There are store bought chocolates in red heart shaped boxes on Valentine's Day. There are red gloves.

But still. A little red goes a long way for me.

How about you? Tell me the reds that make your soul happy, your heart full. Is a little red enough or do you want red everythings? Are there moments you remember as red, and were those moments good or scary?

Is your Christmas tree dressed in red?


  1. I realized recently that I do like red, even though for years I thought I didn't. I have four pairs of red shoes. Now that's even more than Dorothy had. And probably twice that number of red lipsticks.

    I do have to say that I like red best when paired with aqua. Perhaps I enjoy red because it's next to something else.

    Great image here.

  2. My book collection that I have working on for years is red. Everything my grandmother holds dear and loves to whear is read (its her favourite colour) and I have inherited her ability to look good in it. I have red flameco dress which I haven't fit for years, but can't bear to get rid of. I would love a sexy pair of red shoes.

  3. Oddly enough, or perhaps not, a red tailed hawk just swooped down and snagged a meal within the vicinity of my house. A pair of the hawks live in some trees 2 or 3 blocks away, and spend time siting on the cross atop a church next to those trees. I just heard a very strange sound, and ran outside to check on my cat. I was in time to see one hawk headed back into the trees, and the other right overhead, low enough that I could see feathers, and the sun showing off his colors. Nature at work on a Sunday afternoon.

  4. i am one of those red heads that does not do red well...BUT red ropers (boots)for sure....and all red fruit gets a thumbs up from me while wearing those boots ya know!

  5. Red ropers here too. The MOST comfortable boots ever - I can stand in them for hours. :)

  6. Red cars, to me, also do not fit the me. A granddaughter with hair of red makes me smile, though,,:)

  7. I love this post, I think I need a red umbrella now!
    Red I find too strong for me really. I'm a blue-green girl, and red just seems too assertive, too look-at-me for my state of mind at the moment.
    However, I love red in the house! There it seems warm and comforting. I even tried to persuade Mam to paint one of the kitchen walls red!
    Our Christmas tree is very red, and blue, and all the colours in between really. They are the ornaments that I have grown up with, and even in some cases that Mam has grown up with, and we would not part with a single one.
    Thinking of you, my Texan beauty,
    much love,

  8. I love red... it is passion and laughter - it is a feast! I adorn reds with orange, and temper it with green.

    I love red...



  9. I love red and don't have enough of it in my house or around me...

    I'm off to find some today I think as a little treat to myself....

  10. well...red...to be honest i am not
    a red person...i lean towards
    the sea palette...and purples and
    yellows i adore...

    red is very strong and i move away rather than towards...

    that said, i am enjoying red this week
    with crabapples from my garden,
    i painted my nails a lovely apple red...my cheeks flush red with amorous kisses...and a glass of ruby wine is quite delicious as well:)

    such a beautiful sensual colorful

  11. I had a really mean french teacher in school. If she had her back turned to the class and heard laughing, she would immediately spin around and look directly at me because she knew I would give it all away...I was the giggler in class, but I was also the one that turned bright red when I laughed!
    That teacher needed to lighten up a little.


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