“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


for halloween i'll be a child

A chance to be a fairy.
Or princess.
Or a pink witch with miles of pink tulle
streaming from your pointed hat.

I will be none of those things
and all of them,
that pink petticoat turning me into a girl again,
with all that that implies.

The party is Friday night,
at that place in the woods I talk about so often,
motor homes forming a fairy circle,
a gypsy camp.
There will be hayrides into the deeper parts,
into the creek bottom
which may actually be a creek bottom this year,
and fires to huddle near
and food and drink
and adults only at this party.
A chance to play.

And twirl about in that petticoat.


  1. What FUN!
    love the photo - so perfect.

  2. Oh my gosh how fun!!! I am going to be a punk rocker. I love Halloween. Have a blast on Friday!

  3. i was told this past weekend by a woman who read my palm, "you must, MUST become a child again. make a point to play. get a hoola hoop and twirl."

    so. you in your pink petticoat, twirl along with me. i am right beside you.

    xoxo, graciel

    p.s. i love the turkish element to that parade! i clapped my hands and hooted!

  4. I love this image and the image of you twirling in a pink petticoat, what fun! Enjoy.

    My son keeps asking us what we are going to be for Halloween and I've been replying that I wasn't planning on dressing up but after reading this perhaps I should, just to play.

  5. I have to admit to some jealousy... I have nowhere to go on Halloween, and I so dearly love dressing up. I hope you have a lovely time, that sounds so wonderful.

    And thank you for your comment, but I have to admit, I'm not really that good at accepting the cold, either. I have to give myself pep talks like that frequently to remind myself that there is something good about the upcoming winter months. Hopefully, this year, it works. =)

  6. Fabulous idea
    I love all you share

  7. A gypsy camp in the forest...That sounds like the best kind of Halloween party...I hope you had a wonderful time twirling amongst the trees!

  8. what a marvelous way to view Halloween... this was such a wonderful post!



  9. And now I know.

    Do we get to see a peak of a woman/child twirling in her pink petticoat?

    Never mind. I have the picture. Right here. Your words paint it so beautifully. Without the camera.


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