“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Blue lights & berries

This morning I was up way too early.

In my house, all the clocks have that as a real time,
and I checked
all of their hands were pointed that way.
One of them was even pointing a tad towards way way too early.

But I was up and out
and wandering under Katie's blue lights
where I spied red berries
and I oh, so badly wanted to take pictures
with the night as the backdrop,
but alas, alas,
the night said no.

Soon, however,
the rays of the sun began to scooch over the rooftops
and through the trees
and I was back out.


  1. there is just a magic feel to those blue lights friend~

  2. There is. They have been up almost a year! Hard to believe I have been photgraphing them that long!

  3. those are totally cool blue lights...
    but yikes, what time were you up originally ??

    it's so dark here now, that moving my body anytime before 7 am makes me grouchy :)

  4. :) glad you went back out. looks lovely.

    i always struggle with early morning ~ saying i hate it, but not really sure...when you have trouble sleeping and only get 3 hours, it's the sleepiness, not the morning itself that is the enemy.

  5. Up at 4 - ouside at 5. Hard to believe, but I just couldn't sleep. :)

  6. Getting up early has its special rewards.
    What amazes me most is that you not only WOKE up that early, but you put your shoes on and actually got out of your house at that crazy hour! If only you could bottle and sell that kind of motivation!


  7. Jaime - It doesn't happen often, trust me. LOL! It was actually a morning witout rain and I thought I would take advantage of it. Rain is back today. I am looking for a soundproof room in which to scream. :)


  8. Thank goodness for your determination, the blue lights and berries work magic, yes?



  9. Each day I sneek by with anticipation seeing of clever words and astonishing photos and I am in amazement at the ease with whick you seem to supply.

    Thank you for your visit and your kind comment. Yes, I definately would like the "Tree". I felt I was just "keeping on" about it, so I waited. My email is glnroz@yahoo.com I do not have a paypal account, but I could set one up it I need.. Thanks again

  10. You make me want to meet Katie. You know that, don't you? Do we get to see peeks of the wedding?


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