“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


back in the real world

When I put on this left boot this morning,
it tore off my big toenail.
It's duct taped onto my toe right now.

I cannot get the stripey part of these leggings straight.

When I stopped to take this picture
back at the back of the hall
I knew it was too dark
and blurry,
but that's the way this morning is starting out.
I leaned against that dolly
for support for a long shutter speed,
but the dolly,
as it turns out,
cannot support an entire woman,
and in so doing,
I knocked over a bunch of studio lights.
Wham/thud onto the floor.

See that black trunk back there?
That's it/them
and I am afraid to look inside.
See Lily?
She knows I have messed up.

There are no cokes here.
I thought there were.
I will have to put these boots back on
and walk over to Goodwill to get one.

Needing to run the paperwork for credit card purchases
I headed for the studio,
where the credit card machine is kept
on a photographer's desk,
only to discover that the lock to the door has locked itself.
No key will fit it, the doorknob is broken.
I tried everything,
and finally succeeded
by wiggling a paperclip in the keyhole
while pushing hard with my behind.
Of which I have plenty.


  1. Happy Monday (she said, a bit too loudly, and with more cheerfulness than was warranted)

  2. Oh it may be a typical Monday
    but those tights are fabulous
    crooked or straight
    and what in the world
    would we do
    without paperclips and duct tape
    hope the day gets better
    but the tights and boots
    do rock
    if you need something to fall back on!


  3. Anna - You positive thinker you. Of course. Instead of whining I should be thanking my lucky stars that I had duct tape & paperclips and a behind big enough to really push. LOL!

    :) Debi

  4. ouch...toenails are painful...loud noises too...i hope as i type this it has come around...love the cat watching you, what must they be thinking of us in all our glory!!...great image !

  5. Oh...but you look fab in those leggings and boots. You go girl! Hope you didn't break anything in knocking over all those boxes!

  6. elk - It's not hurting at all. The duct tape is working wonders! And the picture just makes me laugh - Lily is so obviously wondering what is going on, wanting to check it out, but thinking 2ce before doing so.

    Caroline - I haven't checked yet. No one seemd too concerned, so I take that as a good sign. :)

    :) Debi

  7. ooh ouch that must have hurt, one of those days you wish you could just stay in your cozy bed I guess. "while pushing hard with my behind" Oh lol this made me laugh, not at you but with you of course. hope your day got better.

  8. Oh, mi amor... these are the days that you crawl right back in bed before a tree falls over and smooshes you!



  9. I always find that lessons in patience and flexibility comes at the most unwanted times. Even worse when it continues in a fairly regular streak!
    Oh, what a day that was. That being said, though I know that things could've been worse and I am glad that they weren't!!

  10. A bad hair day. You poor thing. I hope your days have been improving since you wrote this post. We have to have the not so perfect days so we can recognize the perfect ones!

    Hugs to you..and a proper band aid...you silly girl.

  11. You are cracking me up. Sounds like this day was a lot like my yesterday. Thank God we can laugh about it.

    By the way - my word verification is butigh - which immediately made me think of butt sigh. Hmmm..

    Talk about apropos of nothing.


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