“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A wedding, white roses, grasshoppers & rain

Today also. I change my mind.

I had in mind to write about tomorrow morning's 5 a.m. drive to the airport, soon-to-be bride & groom in tow, soon-to-be wife & husband, soon-to-be-worn wedding dress, satin shoes, veil, happily-ever-after white roses awaiting her, an island in the Atlantic to which they will row and say we love right out loud in front of each other & everybody & the world (actually they won't row but saying that just sounded so romantic). I had in mind to talk about the silence waiting for me when I returned home, just blessed silence and a cat full of healing, sunshine at last in the forecast, and it was that hopeful thought of sunshine that changed my mind, the running through the rain, the phone call from the soon-to-be bride, still last minute shopping, that made me stop for a moment, everyone else scurrying about, the ever-wonderful Michael also leaving tomorrow for a different expanse of water, a weekend of deep sea fishing awaiting him, hurrying to finish that-which-must-be-finished before he can be off. It was all that, all everything, swirling about me like an ocean colored tornado, that changed my mind. I could see myself from above, standing still and quiet in the peace of my house, in the eye of all that motion, the people I love twirling around & around & okay with that twirling, okay with that hurrying; I had to laugh at myself. I am so not okay with hurrying, with last minute this & thats, with the pressure of travel, so not okay with even the thought of the pressure of travel.

Instead, I will talk about the grasshopper that flew straight from the hackberry tree through my open front door early yesterday evening at the exact same moment that my mother was on the phone, telling me about the grasshopper in her house. I will talk about the phone call from my sister-in-law's mother, asking me where to buy ginger preserves, which sound quite exotic though I had no idea where she might find some. I will talk about blueberry Eggos, which I have recently found I cannot live without, I will talk about how much better I like my office now - the table moved out, my desk back in, but now facing away from the 2 doors leading into this little room, my back facing those doors. I will talk about knowing that it is probably not the correct feng-shui position, but I will also talk about how good it feels like this, how I can now get to everything easily, how all the busy-ness & noise is behind me, not facing me, how much calmer I feel, how Debi feng-shui says this is the right position. How sitting in this room I can see myself from above, the activity swirling all around, not ocean colored here at work, but all colors, images of schoolchildren flying by, and I can see how okay everyone else here is with the deadlines and the hurrying, and how I so am not.

:) See that? I had no idea that's where this was going; I was just playing with a bit of intuitive word-painting, flinging sentences and images out there to see where they landed, and they land in the same place, all together. And I can see that also, those words swirling about me as I sit here in this bit of peace, surrounded by aqua & lavender walls, a feather I found when walking back from the post office last week, a cat asleep on the chair next to me, bottles of water, stacks of Somerset Studio. I see myself from above, see my messy hair, teal colored notepads, cowboy boots on the floor behind me, an umbrella. It is suddenly quiet - the rain has stopped, the phone isn't ringing, the only noise my typing.

So tomorrow morning. 5 a.m. The airport. I will wave goodbye to 2 friends who will return as man & wife.

I can just see the bride
with her arms full of white roses
next to the ocean.


  1. You write so beautifully... How wild that a grasshopper jumped into your home while your Mom was talking about the one in hers...hmmmmm...grasshopper energy!

    Enjoy the wedding...it will be wonderful!

  2. Congratulations to the wonderful bride and groom. Sounds like you will have a peaceful weekend to yourself and Maggie....Enjoy! Love you!

  3. I have GOT to change that picture!

  4. Christy - Something showing the tattoo! :)

  5. And the boat that they came across in!

    Did I miss the unveiling of the dress??? No, I couldn't have as the wedding hasn't happened yet.

    I love that flinging of sentences that you did. I end up with a mess when I do that! I can paint intuitively by flinging paint around, but not write.

  6. I just sat down to FINALLY catch up on my favourite blogs and I open to this lovely new look of yours and a post about rain. I smiled and let out a little giggle..and thought, how perfect. I love the rain. I have been waiting quite some time now for the rain. But blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment on the above post, so I kept reading. And what do I find but the absolute essence of You. The You that I have missed so so much. The way you paint with words (what a wonderful concept) the way you see your world, the way you interpret the happenings of your days, the crazy bouts of synchronicity that come your way..and I feel so happy to be here reading your poetry again.
    I can't wait for the next rainy day when I can come back here with a cup of chai cradled in my hands, and I will just read and read all of the things you have written since I went away.
    So good to see you Debi.

  7. Here's the magic, my friend. Only one of your many brands of magic, I know. But this particular brand, that comes accompanied by the tip-tapping of keys and moved in a circular motion. Oh, yes. This is my favorite magic.

  8. Relyn, my friend, mi compadre. Bless you.


  9. First time here. Came by intuition.
    YOU are an exquisite writer. One senses your enjoyment in coupling words cleverly, carefully, in this case, to provide tender imagery and real feeling. Thank you.

  10. Susan - Just the thought of you making your way here by intuition is oh-so-enchanting. I can just envision that road - Intuition Blvd, arrows pointing this way & that. Or possibly a Streetcar Named Intuition? Love them both.

    Thank you so much for the too kind words. I admit that a well turned phrase makes me smile, stops me for a second look. Thank you again.

    :) Debi


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