“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Today: Rain/Art

Some of you have seen this image before,
back on my old inspiration blog.
I am still quite crazy about it,
that nail in the corner,
the dark line slashing it in two,
similar to so many of my paintings.

More painting images are coming to me as I sleep. I wake, sketch them, or jot a few notes, then back to sleep I go. Last night I didn't - I hoped I would remember when I awoke and I did, so the idea was saved, and it will be the first painting when I begin again.

The rain is back,
it circles & circles & stays,
the day is gray,
the fallen leaves are brown and wet and stick to shoe bottoms.
I find them all over the house.
I should just start putting them in white bowls
and cozying them next my bowls of words.
The tv news says more rain is coming.

But I have a new book here beside me, in which I have seen the words marmalade, lavender, scarlet silk. I have a healing cat asleep in her basket by the front glass doors, nestled atop white flannel sheets sprinkled with blue flowers, her ears no longer showing above the basket rim, sleep pulling her down into its nest. I have the sound of a fan lulling me into sleepiness, a coke in front of me trying to keep me awake for the Craig Ferguson show, tonight's pjs baby blue with white polka dots. I have a white blanket to tuck around my toes, and the peace of my house, the clutter tonight not disturbing me.

goodnight you moonlight ladies


  1. I do love rainy days! I'm glad maggie is better.

  2. i love this photo. i can imagine as a painting it would look spectacular. your work is so original, although i suppose all art is original, i guess i mean eclectic. i love it.

  3. Sounds like a perfect evening staying in...
    (my pj's tonite is also blue with white polka dots...teehee). enjoy your evening xx

  4. Oh how funny!!!

    I was visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago, and my mom and I came across Craig Ferguson by accident. (have I been living under a rock? Is he not such a new thing?) I couldn't stop laughing! He is so funny! Not so much what he says but how he says it. And since I came home from that visit, I forgot all about him...I will have to check my listings and see when he is on. He makes me happy. Looks like he makes you happy too.

    I'm still waiting for the rain. Waiting for that wonderful fall smell in the air. But the leaves are starting to change, and they say it might rain tomorrow.

  5. Tonight I read of your peaceful moments and feel like we are kin. Sloane is tucked in bed, safely off to dreamland. Jeffrey is finishing up his Masters class and won't be home for another hour. The cat is on the top left corner of the keyboard, gently nudging it further and further out of "her" space. All the windows are open and I can hear the crickets calling. They won't be here much longer. The nights grow ever cooler. Ah. Peace. Quiet. Home.


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