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The table is not a desk

If I were only a drinking woman.

I have been cleaning my office all day, and even part of yesterday - yes, it is that filthy. I bought an old table a couple of weeks ago that will eventually be used at my house as a worktable, but there is no room for it right now; I was going to loan it to the lovely, lovely Katie as a computer table if I couldn't find a spot for it, but it occurred to me that I could use it as a replacement for my desk here at work - I've never liked that desk, so why not?

I'll tell you why not. Because I cannot type on it. Being an old table, the only place for the keyboard is right there on the table, not on one of those pull-out, lower-than-the-desk keyboard thingies. Like I am used to. Like I am familiar with. Plus my keyboard is one of those ergonomic ones, not flat, making it even higher. I have 2 cushions in the chair, and I am seriously thinking about a third - wait a second. Okay, third cushion in place helps a bit, but I am sitting up straight and tall, perched like a cat on a cat tree, and this is so not working. So not working. Dear God. Now I will have to put everything back like it was, which was so not working also, but at least I could easily type. I have pulled the keyboard over onto my lap & that is helping tremendously, but seriously people, I cannot work like this.

The good part is I got to sweep, sweep, sweep the hoohah out of the carpet behind my old desk, but the bad part (besides all the obvious disconnecting & reconnecting the jillion things connected to my computer & dragging everything back in, and all that) is that I will have to ask the ever-wonderful Michael to help, and he will do so, but I can just hear what he will be thinking.

So. Here I sit, like the Princess from The Princess and the Pea, miles high on my cushions, typing "mile shigh onm y chions". Perhaps we will figure something out - Michael is extra, extra good at that, that figuring stuff out thing. And I am pretty good at arranging & rearranging - it's the thinking about all these wires that has me not-so-happy right now. It will be like this for a few days (or as I originally typed "Itw ill be elike thi sfor . . . "); we are off to the horse races tomorrow ("tomroow") and new flooring is going in the break room Friday, plus we have to, you know, actually work on some photography stuff. So hang in there with me - please forgive any typos spellcheck doesn't catch. And don't laugh too loud.

I still like this table in here.
oh well


  1. You are making me laugh! I have an old farmers table for my desk, and the "no pull out keyboard thing" drove me crazy too...grrr... I am used to it now, though.

    Hey, if hubby is handy, can you somehow attach the old roll out thingy under the table to pull it out? Seriously - I might look at my hardward store to try and make a little pull out tray thingie...If I manage it, I will let you know :)

    Good luck princess pea!

  2. You are cracking me up. Have fun at the races!

  3. You can buy a pull out tray to fasten under your table from Office Depot or some other office supply store - Really - its true! Go see, you'll like it.
    PS: I love your blog.

  4. You can buy a pull out tray to fasten under your table from Office Depot or some other office supply store - Really - its true! Go see, you'll like it.
    PS: I love your blog.

  5. So funny! Good luck with all the arranging and re-arranging!

  6. I confess... I laughed out loud - quite a bit...


    The hoohah?! Love this!


  7. i LOVE cleaning...I HATE cleaning! now that table would go nicely in my space....

  8. I just love the table. It would be so great anywhere!

  9. hee hee, oh dear, hope you get it sotred soon, leaving the typo in for added effect. :-)

  10. don't do it!! don't go looking for that drawer thingy that you can attach to your table to so it can pretend to be a desk. i love old furniture and i have a beautiful old square oak table that is not a desk in my work office. i was so pleased when i thought that drawer thingy up and went and paid for it and attached it all by myself...which was rather impressive since it was very involved. but then you have to find a chair that can fit underneath this thing that is practically sitting on your knees and then your wrists get sore because actually now it is too low. way too low. tables and desks are not interchangeable. i laugh at most of your posts...if i don't laugh then i am probably crying. no matter what my heart is engaged.
    princess and the pea..toppling off her cushions :) love it.


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