“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Rain. Puddle. White.

White puddle.

I am falling quite in love with the camera on my phone, the softness of the images, the ease of point and shoot, that no-thinking beyond the image you see. Very painterly. Very much the way my mind moves with a paintbrush in my hand, just doing it, just moving with no thought, no thought. Those little moments I say yes to without knowing I am saying yes because there is no thought, just the movement, the connection between hand and mind silent but knowing. The image from this camera moves to Photoshop and the moment continues, there seems to be no break, no distance between the moment of seeing, of shooting, of continuing that art process, that painter's process. The image above is a rain puddle next to the parking area here at work - the white was only in this puddle. Paint? Milk? No way to know, but I saw it as soon as I parked and stood on the broken down street edge to take pictures.

sunshine please please for tomorrow


  1. love this image, "without thinking" seems to be a theme this week and it's producing some very lovely results! beautiful image.

  2. It is very surreal... perfect already, but allowing so many different avenues when the brush hits the canvas to replicate it's beauty


  3. Hey there

    I don't remember your banner looking so poetic when I dropped by last! Its lovely and wonder if it came through doing Susannah's 'unravelling' course?

    But I am especially keen to understand how you download your pictures so easily? My new blackberry photo takes lovely photos too, but I can't seem to get them off unless I pay to send them to myself.

    Hope all is well


  4. Ah Debi

    The old woman is such as sad story and one I can relate to. I had old man ... a neighbor ... who died and it just kind of changed my little corner of the world. I don't know, its less friendly now.

    Ah and you email them? Interesting ... that costs me money I have recently discovered. I probably just need to find a cord for my computer and phone (but I am soo lazy).

    Glad you are back to yourself slowly (even if it means politics. Smle)

  5. Stefanie - I left a message on your blog, but remembered your questions incorrectly. :) So I will add a bit here. Yes, the banner & new design were a direct result of Unravelling - advice from Susannah and others actually - one person in particular.

    I metioned in my message to you that I just emailed my images to myself, but I have no idea if or how much extra that costs - I never paid any attention. Perhaps I should check! :)

    Pixie - It is very surreal already. I just loved it. It is already gone, like a Buddhist sand painting. Art is not eternal.

    Suvarna - Without thinking is the best way to go, I think. Wait . . . :)

    Thank you all!

  6. Stefanie - We wrote at the same time. Yes. That's exactly what happened when Mary died. The neighborhood has changed. She was the glue for us all.

    Re: the phone. It's my work phone & there are several phones on our plan, so I've just never checked the price. I don't think I want to know.


  7. What a beautiful image. I think it's great how we can see the world using all kinds of cameras. The most expensive ones aren't the only answer to making art.

  8. Are we being pulled by the same invisible force lately? Every time i come visit you, i see myself. :)

    Does your t-shirt say "art is everywhwere", too? Yes, i see that it does. Love the puddle and the rain. Clear sunshine up here near Canada for the entire month of september. I miss the rain. :)


  9. Tango - I have emailed you my thoughts about this. :) Plus more.

    Graciel - When I first read your comment, I thought you asked if we were being pulled by the same star and I had to shake my head a bit & re-read what you actually said. But I think that invisible force is a star; I know that feeling you describe. I visit your blog and there I am. Standing in a puddle, but there nonetheless. :)


  10. Know what I think? I think it wasn't white at all. It just turned that color when you arrived. The color of moonbeams and wishing rocks. Just for beautiful, magical you.

  11. Relyn - Wouldn't that be wonderful? A beautiful thought & I thank you much!

    :) Debi

  12. I can't believe this was taken with a phone camera. Shoot. Get a fancy schmancy Nikon and you'll go crazy!

  13. I think it's a moon reflected it in
    ~ or it is a fairies milk bath perhaps ~ either way it is







    the luminousity is so pretty...

  14. I love blogging! Where else can you find kindred spirits? Love your thoughts and the way you see life. I will be stopping by often!Photography is a wonderful thing, is it not?

  15. I think I might have told you this before, but you make me wish that I could paint. Not furniture this time, but on canvas. In an artist's way.
    I wish I wish.


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