“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


rain, loose ends, maggie & me

It is the night of a rainy day.

My 2nd try at a post on this Saturday, the first one up this morning and then down after a few hours, though thank you Sheila for the kind comment. Perhaps this one will stick.

I have spent the day on this computer or on the phone, on this white couch, lolling in pj bottoms and a tshirt - this morning's pjs a pale spring green sprinkled with baby white flowers, this cooler evening's an aqua/sage/pale brown plaid, the waist tied with green satin ribbons backed with tiny green polka dots scattered across a pale brown background; like tiny green seedlings poking their heads through garden soil, glad at last to see the sun. I myself have not seen the sun - it has rained all day, and as I mentioned, I have spent the day here inside, finishing an online defensive driving course my only goal, a goal not yet achieved. 7-1/2 hours into a supposedly 6 hour course, with the last section not yet started; I stopped taking notes hours ago in a vain attempt to hurry the thing along. My advice to any of you driving through Brownsboro, Texas is to never assume that you have re-entered the 60 mph speed limit area when you exit the town, sure you have also exited the 45 mph zone - you have not, and there is a policeman waiting to tell you so. Slow down. Enjoy the scenery.

It was also a day for keeping an eye and a bit of my heart on Maggie the cat, who was injured Thursday night, and I apologize to any of you who read this on that earlier doomed post (and by that I mean you, Sheila, though I think you will forgive me for mentioning it again). She wasn't waiting for me outside the front door yesterday morning when I awoke, and she is always waiting for me, sleeping while sitting up, meowing at Katie as she passes on her way to coffee and Pilates, and my heart did a little flutterdance. I called and called her with no answer, and trying to stay calm, checked the yard, checked the street. checked her hidey holes, all with no luck, staying calm, staying calm, thinking okay, this is what you wanted, you wanted her end to be easy, you prayed it would be easy, that she would just lay down and go to sleep, but feeling afraid because she had seemed quite fine & frisky Thursday evening when I let her out, no evidence that she was feeling worse, when I found her at last, under the cherry laurel tree next to Katie's staircase, up against the house, hiding under some huge-leaved plants whose names I do not know. She was alive but not well, not interested in moving or eating and when I touched her she hurt. Gently, gently I was into the leaves after her, calling the vet - we are on our way. Feeling okay, perhaps just another infection, perhaps that is all, she will be fine, she will be all right. As it turned out, she'd been in an apparent fight - no infection at all, a puncture wound on her chest, scrapes, shredded claws. I could hear her crying as they gave her fluids, antibiotics, etc., etc., etc., but she was okay to bring home, where she spent the day laying lifeless in the sun, moving to another favorite spot, under the dogwood tree that will have pink blossoms in the spring. No appetite, no anything, until late yesterday afternoon when I enticed her with a few bites of expensive tuna and turkey flavored cat treats. Later, more tuna, and she fell asleep between the couch and a chair; I slept on the couch near her for most of the night, waking early early this morning to move to the bed. Waking later I found her sitting, waiting for me, wanting breakfast, barely able to walk, but walking nonetheless. She spent the day outside, back under the cherry laurel and those no name plants, cozy against the side of house, protected from the rain by the big leaves. She can still barely walk, she hurts, there is swelling, but she has just had her 4th meal of the day and is asleep on a pallet near me where she can see into the night. My gratitude for this has no words. It just is, and it is big.

I mentioned earlier - again, in that long gone post of this morning - that this weekend felt like the weekend that separates summer from fall, that it felt like the weekend I should be scrubbing out summer's corners, making way for autumn plants and plans, but I was wrong. That will be next weekend. This weekend is for tying up loose ends and saying very sincere thank yous.

Yes. I think I like this post better.


  1. I just popped by to say hi and thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog.

    I also took a look at some of your artwork and think it's superb - I love the textures and colours :)

  2. Kim - Many thanks. I was just about to delete this post - having one of those weekends, but your words have stopped me. It will stay.

    And thank you for the kind words re: my artwork. Much appreciated!!

    And btw, I love your blog & will be back.

    :) Debi

  3. As the mother of three beloved felines, my heart ached for your Maggie. But she sounds strong and your love and care will bring her back around. I wonder if you can find the source of her wounds and keep it away from her or vice versa? Sounds like she should just stay in the house for a bit. Will you post a photo of her? I'd like to see what she looks like.

  4. oh
    the rain

  5. Oh. Oh.

    I hope. I really hope that Maggie is better. Well. Healed. Fine.

    Please tell me she is.

  6. Sending you love and warm thoughts for you and your Maggie. My kitty got out once (she's indoor only) and we were frantic with worry when we couldn't find her. My husband sat on the porch past midnight worried that we would miss her trying to get back in. We found her the next morning, but she had a terrible swelling on her tummy, the vet's assessment was that she had been kicked. evil, evil, evil, yes?

    Again, hoping your girl feels better soon.



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