“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Holding on to summer

This is me once again holding on to every last moment of summer.

The image is last spring's, part of my old banner.

Today was, at last, a day without rain, a day with sunshine. I began the day with an email to a friend as the sun was beginning to touch the trunks of trees across the street, and as I type this sentence the sun is touching them again on the opposite side, and there, just now, gone. It has been a fabulous day, a gorgeous day, in the mid to high 80s, windows open, doors open, Maggie in & out, sleeping in her basket most of the day.

I painted the kitchen.

It is quite dangerous to keep a can of wall paint near me - it used to be one of my favorite things, just painting away, and I thought it had gone, never more to visit me again, but painting that chair last weekend stirred some long forgotten memory in my soul, and this morning, waiting on my breakfast of garlic toast to be done, I picked up that can of Celtic gray paint and thought hmmmm, I bees so tired of this kitchen, I wonder if . . . and lickety split, just like that, I'd painted a few inches and then it was too late - I had to continue. I never ate the garlic toast. I painted the 2 walls that are separate from the rest of the house, originally horrible panelled things that have been through several colors since I moved in. They at last settled into the gray taupe of the rest of my house (almost the color of this blog) and the one wall across the back that is also part of another room had to stay that color, but those two walls I mentioned? Time for a change. I painted them - I swear this is true - with a 1" brush I use for painting paintings. It took all day, with time out for Maggie's visit to the vet, a short visit with the lovely, lovely now Mrs. Katie, and a drive to Jack-in-the Box to pick up something for lunch. It is done, but now everything else in there needs cleaned, but tomorrow is another day, so I shall wait.

My arms ache, they shake a teeny bit as I type these words, and there are paint spatters on my hands, but it feels good. The immediate gratification of a coat of paint is highly underrated. Plus I needed some color, needed the change. I hope I don't grow tired of it too quickly and regret today's impulse, but as I look back over my shoulder to where I can just see the corner of one wall, I like it. It will match absolutely nothing for fall - I will have to be creative to welcome this one season into the room. White pumpkins, white & cream this & thats will be just fine, I'm thinking.

So a bit of summer still, still some blues.

The evening darkens outside and silence falls.
The song of a mockingbird in the backyard,
a dog barking in the distance.


  1. Hmmm .... I just wrote a long commment and when I put my my wordpress id and clicked go - I was told I did not own that identity (?!). Even better, it seems to have lost my comment. Ugh!

    In a nutshell, it would be lovely to see the pictures and I am slight also addicted to grey (even my kitchen cabinets are that colour).

    Enjoy the end of summer, but I think I am ready for autumn as its my favorite season.

  2. To the girl who always has a paintbrush in her creative hands...

    I love your sponteneity. Colour on the walls is so influential on our psyches isn't it? I could never ever live in a house with white walls...all that is good for, is you can see the spiders more effectively. Not a good enough reason to have white walls in my humble opinion.

    Knowing what beauty you put on the canvas, I would so LOVE to see what you do with your house!


  3. I do so love this photo! It is wonderful that you let yourself follow your impulse, and I love how you write so eloquently about it.
    I have been living with builders beige for years now and I am soooooo ready to say goodbye to it. Last year my beautiful husband painted one wall a fabulous red, now I just have to find the perfect colour to go with it.

  4. Sometimes planning for a project like that can have the effect of putting it off--you seized the moment, and there you are--a newly painted kitchen. I'm not sure about the grey, though--I hope it looks nice.

  5. what an enthusiastic way to spend time in the kitchen....paint it!
    grey...love it

  6. Stefanie - I hate it when that happens! Maybe pictures - I will have to think about it. LOL! And though the name of the paint is Celtic gray, it isn't really gray. It's a pale greenish/kind of blue-ish color with a hint of gray. Hard to describe really! I may have to take a picture. :)

    Jaime - :) You are too, too kind. If you could see the mess with which I am surrounded right now you would laugh!

    Suvarna - If I didn't just do it on the spur of the moment, it wouldn't get done. LOL!

    Pilgrimchick - Yes, just what I said to Suvarna. And really, I should have been clearer about that color - it's not gray at all, even though it's called that. There's a post I posted a few days back about painting a chair - that's the color. Same can of paint. :)

    elk - Again, I really should have described this color better - LOL! Not gray at all. :) But my kitchen looks so much better - feels cheerier, happy with the attention. I still haven't finished getting everything back where it goes; I'm getting old and it takes me a while to recuperate.

    :) Debi

  7. i love that you impulsively painted your kitchen. i bet not many people can say they did that! :) i am wishing for the drive to paint my upstairs hallway. the paint can and drop cloth are there waiting.

    ---and i LOVE white pumpkins.

  8. I can't believe you painted it with a one inch brush! I take that back. I can believe it. I absolutely can.

    As to Summer, I say, "Hit the road, Jack." I am an fall baby. For sure. Today was the first chilly day we've enjoyed and I've been in an extra-fantastic good mood all day long.

  9. What lovely sounds abound at the end of summer, no?




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