“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Butterfly Changes My Mind

Fear and loathing at the vet's office.

I was going to talk about the trip to the vet's this morning,
but then a red butterfly flew in front of my car
while returning from lunch
I changed my mind.

I remembered the real reason I took this image,
and it had nothing to do with fear or loathing,
although poor Maggie definitely felt both;
I really took it
because when I leaned down to comfort her
I was enchanted
by the light peeping through the sides of her carrier
and I was reminded of a cathedral.
Isn't that funny & wonderful & magical?
And do you think the designers knew that?
That one day in the distant future
there would be a scared cat
and a not-quite-as-scared woman
waiting in the office of a kind veterinarian,
and that the view from inside the cat carrier
would comfort the woman,
though not the cat?

UPDATE via Liz: Take 2.
. . . would comfort the woman,
and therefore the cat?

Yes. Better.
i hope so


  1. If only poor Maggie could "see the light" .... and yes it does look a bit like a cathedral. Funny how the right light can make so many ordinary things look extraordinary.

  2. Lori - It's all in how we look at things; there is always a gift - we just have to find it.

    :) Debi

  3. Ah, but don't you think that if the woman was comforted, her energy would shift and be picked up by the cat and they would both feel better?

  4. no deep thoughts or cute saying for me today. Just a "grin". You have a "nose" for the "eye", thnx, glenn

  5. Liz - Yes. :)

    Glenn - Another :) for you.

  6. That is a cool photo ...
    You were supposed to talk to kitty and calm her down ..
    I use feliway spray ...

    So, what color was that flutter bye ...

  7. the art we see is everywhere...in the cathedral on the way to the vets`

  8. JC - Very very red.

    elk - Yes. I see art everywhere. :)

  9. i have read your last few posts and wish so much to leave a profound comment about how much your words have touched me..i feel that something in the air, i see art everywhere, too...but all that comes to mind right now is...thank you. so much.

    xo, Graciel

  10. Wow. That's not nearly enough, but is exactly what I'm thinking. Thanks so much for encouraging me to blog!!!!

  11. I love the blog you told me about. I'm going to participate in the auction. I'm going to make a skull. You should make something, too. Thanks!

  12. yes it IS magical light and i love that you saw it that way and shared it with us. thank you
    and i like your second ending better.: )

  13. Just like you to see such magical things in something seemingly ordinary.
    I get a sense that things are ok..with you...with Maggie. I'm glad. I had hoped to return here and find all is well...and I am catching hints of new things happening too! A wedding?!?! I must leave a bookmark right here, and go back..waaaaaaayyyy back.

    See you soon.
    A red butterfly? I have never seen a red one! But a sweet little grasshopper landed on my shirt and caught a ride up the mountain with me today. ;)

  14. I love the way you see. I love that my time with you is beginning to teach me to see a little more as you do. The first thing I thought when I saw this post was, oh that light! Then I had to look close to see what caused it.


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