“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


10 cose di me

10 things about me that I think you don't already know.

It seems that I have told you everything, does it not?
But I've been tagged by the wonderful Liz of The Fragrant Muse,
and she doesn't usually do this tagging thing,
and it's been a long time since I myself have done this tagging thing,
and I might not even pick anyone to pass it along to,
but here goes.

10 cose di me:

1. I can pop just about any joint in my body.
Fingers, toes, neck, ankles, you name it.
And it feels gooood!

2. I do not believe global warming is man-made.
Not for one second.
Not for one nano-second.
I am not in denial.
I should just be buying GE stock.

3. If I didn't have to look at other people
I would be perfectly happy being a nudist.
But there are just too many people I don't want to see naked.

4. I am very snobby about what I perceive as hypocrisy.
When someone who owns an Iphone
and a camera or 2 or 3
and enough income to fly about the world
complains that the government
doesn't do enough to help the have-nots,
it sounds like fingernails
scraping across a chalkboard inside my head.
Stay home, I want to say,
trade in your phone for something more basic,
sell a camera;
send that money to a charity.
Do your own helping out.
I am pretty righteous & annoying about it.
I am a pain in the ass about it, truth be told.
If you're donating already, well, good, but still,
you could be donating more instead of buying more stuff.
If you are wearing diamonds
when you complain to me.
I will hear nothing you say.
On the other hand, if you own all that stuff
and don't complain about the government/taxpayers
not helping those poorer than you,
and perhaps even donate money & time of your own
(the hardest thing of all to donate)
to charities & fundraisers,
well allrightee then.
Even if you don't donate to charities.
Buy another lens.
Keep someone employed.

5. I once, as a child, won a chicken for Easter.
Dyed green. I won it at school.
He disappeared,
no doubt eaten by a neighborhood dog or cat,
and it broke my heart.
I sat in our backyard and cried,
made up songs to entice him home.

6. I am a decisive parker.
No diddling around in the parking lot of a store
looking for a close spot.
I just park.
Life is too short.

7. I don't wear necklaces.
They drive me crazy - I am aware of them all the time,
their touch on my chest is impossible to ignore.
If I receive one as a gift,
I hang it from a doorknob,
or drawer pull,
or drape it around a candle.
Jewelry for the house.

8. My favorite tv show right now is Burn Notice.
Love it.
I like a man who can do things.
A woman too.

9. My favorite meditation is sweeping.
I think nothing while sweeping. I just sweep.

10. My all-time favorite burrito is
Oh man!

So there you have it.
I have no doubt angered a few Iphone users
and vegetarians
and naked people,
who are, at this very minute,
seated on red fake-leather dining chairs
having a bite to eat.
See what I mean?
Can you picture that in your head?

I have people I'd like to name to continue this,
but some are too new,
too shy,
and they know who they are,
so I will just leave it in the air.
When they are ready,
they will play.


  1. Ewww! now it's in my head, lol. You tweaked a memory for me about losing your green chick.

    When I was 7 or 8 I entered my siamese cat into a pet show (against his will) and when the announcer came
    to introduce us my cat pooped on me and ran away!
    I cried for days and searched and searched. He eventually came back but I never really got over it.
    still really hate pet shows! lol

  2. I am a naked lover as well!

    The very least i can do is always
    have naked feet ~ even in winter

    long live naked people and green chickens too:)

  3. Interesting things in your list. Some controversial, some frivolous. Nice mix.

  4. Good stuff!!! Love the photo...your eyes are amazing.

  5. i do not agree with them all (#3 for instance...i'm not the nudist in the group..oh and I park far away as not to get dinged...unless it is over 100 degrees which is always!!) but love you so much for who you are and how you make me smile when I visit your space ...BRAVO friend!

  6. aaaaaghhhhh! Naked people on fake leather chairs... now that was uncalled for!

    Ok, now that I'm done banging my head against the wall to shake that image loose, I have to say your list is so fun, and that photo of you quite amazing.


    Have a beautiful weekend,

  7. I'm here to visit because of Liz...that trouble maker. And, I want you to know that I agree with you about the whole global warming being caused by mankind...as if we're that powerful for heaven's sake.

    I enjoyed reading you very much. I do have an iPhone, and I do have a diamond or two. I also with my Husband support a little girl in El Salvador and we have done so for the past six years.

    Oh, and there are other things we do with our money that's rather philanthropic. We wish we could do more than we do...and some months money is tight. But, we do well for others and that does well by us.

    Enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Here I thought I was so unique, and then I read your 10 things. I can relate to just about all of them although I prefer to swiffer than to sweep. Thanks for letting us all get to know you just thimbleful more. I enjoy your blog.

  9. That was very- can't find the right word- to read. Thought provoking maybe. I liked reading your post- enjoyed it.

    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog :) x

  10. ooeee....10 things...
    love number 6...i agree,
    live is too short...

    and oh! the beautiful photo of you...

    so very very beautiful! xx

  11. debi~
    aw that image of you singing to your lost green chick...:(
    number six is true of me too, i just park. No dinking about for me!~

  12. Don't get me started on #4. I do have diamonds, given to me as guilty gifts. I do believe in giving and giving anonymously - without your name in lights. And, most importantly please give of your time. It's the best, for you and for them.

    You're coming out!

  13. i forgot to mention how much i love
    your banner by the way:)

    happy sunday!

  14. i was captured the moment i saw your almost-showing-yourself face. you are getting closer and closer to revealing one inch at a time... that's cool.

    that number one...do you do that while you are alone or while you are with other people?...just checking. #7 for me is earrings. i just can't do it. and that controversial #4....is there really anyone who doesn't get that?

  15. Here! here! All so true and agreed upon! AND I will be sure NOT to ever, ever give you a necklace (gosh, I hoe I remember that).

  16. p.s. i love pixie-dust's comments about the naked people :)

  17. Dang,, I agree, i wanted to jump up with my hands over my head and holler. lol and you are absolutely right. you do NOT want to see me necckedd,,, lolol refreshing..

  18. I'm going to try this again. I wrote a LONG comment and it didn't come through grrrr.

    You are gorgeous.
    1. Pop away girl. Doesn't do the joints a lot of good but won't destroy them either.
    2. Ditto. Evolution of the planet.
    3. Hubby and I want to go to Hedonism in Jamaica, flab or no flab.
    4. Good food for thought!
    5. Do green chickens lay green eggs?
    6. Excellent.
    7. I am SO returning your 18K gold necklace.
    8. Love Monk, never tried BN
    9. Sweeping, cool. Rowing and massage are like that, too. Meditation in motion.
    10. Sounds good sans bacon.

    Thanks for being a good sport. I love your list!

  19. May we share the burrito someday.

  20. your hair is lots longer than i pictured it...

    and i read this a few days ago in the reader and felt that 4 was directed at me, mostly because i travel and have an iPhone and 2 or 3 cameras, but then i realized i haven't really complained about the gov't not helping have-nots mostly because the gov't where i live does help the have-nots, using my tax money, which sometimes makes me sad, because it makes me think i might need to sell a kidney to get that next lens (just doin' my part to spur along the economy.) ;-)

  21. Absolutely loved all of it, every single thing. You are fabulous!

  22. this morning I accidentally dropped one end of my iPhone in a glass of water. i like my phone. this made me very sad.

    i hope you never drop your phone in water.


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