“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Yeehaw, y'all

Typical summer Texas attire for us females.

In the winter we cover up a bit more,
but we're still packin' heat, if you know what I mean.

We can bring home the bacon
(and I don't mean from the store),
fry it up in a pan,
and never let you forget you're a man.

We say yeehaw all the time, y'all,
and if you believe that,
well, we'll laugh with you,
not at you.

We spell Secession with a capital S
play 42 in the front yard on card tables under shade trees.
We make sun tea in gallon jars,
understand football,
understand cheerleading,
understand beauty pageants,
understand politics.
Don't be fooled by our curves
or our big hair.
We get it.

We will correct your kids if you don't,
and we expect you to do the same with ours.
We love okra
and Justin Ropers,
air conditioning,
and campfires on autumn nights.
We listen to Lyle Lovett
Guy Clark
yes, we want to keep Austin weird.

If it has beans, we don't call it chili;
it may be good, but it ain't chili.
We judge restaurants by their picante sauce & guacamole,
speak enough Spanish to get by,
and even though we can change a tire,
we expect a man to do it,
and if he can't,
well then,
we will think things about him.
We will not fix him up with our newly divorced best friend.

Come on down.
We're friendly as all get-out.


  1. i'm on my way! can i borrow some of your clothes when i get there. i hate being a tourist.

  2. haha i'd love to visit, you sound like nice folks.

  3. I humbly request permission to be an honorary Texas woman. I'm practicing my "y'alls"

  4. Robin - Not a problem. You're teeny - it won't take much to make you a skirt. teehee

    SYW - We are nice folks, if I say so myself. It's because we don't have a state income tax. :)

    Christy - Yes indeedy. Two step on down.

    Breda - Welcome! Permission is always granted to those who correctly spell y'all. Can I get a yeeeeehaw!?

    :) Debi

  5. I won't be able to take the heat so I'll admire y'all from here in the fog. I know this is probably old news to you but your new blog template looks fantastic! I love your new look!

  6. I'm a Texan born and bred--you can't imagine how much this made me smile. Lived in Austin until I got married at the age of 20... and boy howdy, do I miss it. Thank you so very, very much for reminding me of all the things I love about home. And don't forget that all so-called "sodas" are Coke! ;)

  7. Oh this brings back memories of my years in Texas as a 20-something. I might should take a trip back in time.

  8. All my family is from Texas, and I've been trying to get Jeffrey to move there off and on for years. Maybe this'll convince him.

  9. My friend and I often comment that we'll be headed to Texas anytime soon. The reason this started? Exactly, because you don't have a state income tax... LOVE that!!!

    And thank you for pointing out that chili does not have beans! I'm a Cali girl born and raised, but I know enough to keep the frijoles out of the chili! I do make chili-beans (splitting hairs I know), but if someone orders chili - don't ask, "Where are the beans?"




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