“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Too much heartgreetings

I wanted flowers today.

This morning a surprise blooming of honeysuckle greeted me when I opened the door to the day, and I have been all soft & gooey & girl-like since. My heart feels full of too much - demasiado corazon, thank you Willy, R.I.P. It feels, despite the heat, like fall is coming, memsahib, and nothing I do can stop it - this water lives in Mombasa, anyway - and I want the colors of spring back, but I also want the colors of autumn - and when did that happen? How did I get to this place of acceptance, of welcoming new seasons with joy, eager to see what gifts they bring this year? This long, long year, moving too fast by me is leaving lessons in its wake. Looking for a video in youtube I misread a message, and the misreading was perfect ~ "I have too much heartgreetings". Yes.

I am awakening,
and my heart says hello, where have you been all year?
get up on the floor and dance to the music


  1. The year *has* gone by really fast, and it seems like so much and so little have happened simultaneously. I am not missing Spring right now (possibly because of the allergies it brings despite the beauty) but I am also caught between seasons: mourning the end of Summer but eagerly anticipating Autumn. It is a strange, disjointed place to be, and it seems to reflect the rest of my life. Oddly content, for the first time in many years, where I am now, but also looking back wistfully to the past and excitedly toward the future.

  2. You have so gotten me hooked on Willy. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Every season is an opportunity for a new beginning. Perhaps that us why I am a New England girl- such stark changes every 4 months.

  4. coming out of Charro's last night, i made the same observation. "You can feel the subtle change of fall coming". She, " It is still too hot". Winter is my very least favorite. but the changes are coming wayyy too fast.,,as you more fluidly said.

  5. i keep thinking that 56 summers is just not that many for a life..and my dad only had 86. now think about that. there are limited opportunities to feel that summer heat, watch those leaves fall, hear the wind and see the earth come awake. i love how you feel at that "place of acceptance" for the season's, your life.


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