“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A Stamp and An Almost-full Moon

Just a quickie today so y'all don't forget me or think I've run away.

I ran around quick like the bunny
in the previous post,
taking pictures with my phone camera,
pictures of my hat,
my cat,
my feet,
dead roses,
the crosswalk stripes in the road,
lights on the tree,
reflections everywhere.

Back when postage was 41 cents
I had a bunch of stamps made
with the Emma Tree image,
though there was no Emma Tree blog then;
I just liked the image.
I've still got 1 or 2 of those stamps;
this one is behind the glass
in the front counter,
so people can see how cool it looks
and what they can do with their photos.

I am busy unravelling,
trying to remember
to buy windshield wiper fluid
shaving gel for my lovely legs,
but I haven't yet remembered when I need to.
I am using a very expensive hair conditioner
instead of shaving gel,
and my windshield stays streaked & dirty.
I remembered my massage last night.
I don't forget the important things.

It is August 4th.
Almost the full moon.
It will shine through my bedroom window
and keep me awake.
that's okay - i will visit with maggie under that moon


  1. your simple "to-do" list made me smile this morning. Is the "Tree at Lake Tyler 2008" still available?

  2. Glenn - Still not done. :) The tree photo is available - I've sold all the ones already printed, but being a photo, that's not a problem. I can always print another. Just let me know. And thanks!

    :) Debi

  3. Visit under the full moon...with Maggie....magical! and so very very special...just imagine all the stories to be told there...maybe fireflies lighting the way for you...to her heart...and yours...to love! xx

  4. That full moon does it to me too. Then when I finally fall asleep, I have a really hard time waking up.
    Wow. We are so much alike!!!
    When you say unravelling, do you mean literally? Are you alright? xo

  5. Heee..heee...waving 'hello'! I too, will have the moon shining brightly in my bedroom window tomorrow night too...:-)

    And doesn't hair conditioner make the best shave gel?

    'See' you soon busy girl...:-)


  6. Ahhhh... massage day. Do you know, I still haven't gotten my massage since we last talked about it? I have, however, enjoyed a marvelous mani-pedi with ten minutes massages for both arms and legs. I guess that counts, right?

  7. Ahhhhh...massage! I am loving the moon...so big and happy!

  8. It is so refreshing to visit your blog again after being offline so long... I love your words, how simple they are and yet how they make me feel so at home and encouraged and brightened. A number of other women whose blogs I frequented have vanished since I last looked at the blogverse, so thank you very, very much for still being here.

  9. i always love your emma tree photo. what a happy stamp it makes.


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