“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


And lickety split, just like that, she was upside down

I stepped out into yesterday evening with a gift in my hand.

An evening spent with 5 other women, an evening full of laughter & candlelight & beautiful glasses of Sangria, and dogs in the backyard, one with a sore shoulder who quickly became my friend forever when I knelt next to him and petted & cooed & dog-whispered my way into his heart. An evening of avocados - doesn't that little phrase sound perfectly wonderful? When I write a book, I think I will call it just that. An Evening of Avocados. An evening of blue corn tortilla chips & homemade quesadillas & 3 tries at pralines that just wouldn't harden, an evening of new meetings, of first hellos, of bare feet on red leather chairs, of group discussions evolving into 2 person conversations here & 4 over there, and then back into all 6 - tales of motherhood & men & art & politics & fear evolving back into laughter and ooohs & ahhhs as we watched gifts opened and tiny silk things appear, palest blue & sage & cream stripes, aqua this & lace that, and glitter from my package everywhere. There was a chair with a back made of wooden painted fish, its legs a polka-dotted pale gray, the seat reupholstered yet again to match our hostess' mood, she said; ahhhh, said I, a chair you love, and Emma Tree up on the computer screen all evening - she thinking I was blonde; do I not sound so as you read these words? I thinking she was taller. It was an evening with a phrase all its own - ". . . and lickety split, just like that, she was upside down . . .", which I cannot begin to explain - you had to be there, but it will stay with me. I will always remember the evening when I hear those 2 funny words.

lickety split
a katie thing


  1. This sounds wonderful :)

    Fiona (fiffles)

  2. It is a perfect description on the night. Sancho is much better! I love the labels. I posted a picture of Katie on FB. She had on a lovely pink polka-dotted "hat".


  3. oh

  4. I am so ready to read your book with the perfect title.

    Get busy writing, lady. I'm ready to read it.

  5. 'An Evening of Avocados' does have an amazing ring to it. =)
    And your beautiful description has made me feel as though I was there that evening, drenched in friendship and color and bright voices. A very precious thing indeed. Thank you.


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