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A Little Politics & 2 Extra-Strength Tylenol

Just a quickie.

An image that makes me laugh,
my feet a bit swollen
from standing in just a tad-too-tight flip-flops,
Maggie blending with the rock wall.
A chameleon.

Overlooking the creek outside the front door.
A little dizzy-making from this angle.

Today is a day for the hospital,
my mother having a heart thingy done.
Should be no big thang, y'all,
but I am tense nonetheless.
I do tense well.
And don't tell anyone,
but I took 2 Tylenol - gasp!! - what a radical I am!
2 500 mg. quick-release tablets.
Soon to be gone,
Soon to be only 325 mg. tablets,
and then I will have to take 3.

And yes, I normally say no to politics,
but I break the rule today.
It is so much silliness,
or it would be if it weren't so scary.
Government be gone from my personal life, I say.
But every morning I turn on the news
and find something else to make me,

I took a hot shower last night,
a long one,
assuming that soon that too will be stopped,
will be regulated;
that I will be allowed only x amount of gallons per day,
and only x amount of that will be allowed to be hot.
I shall have to report to a government employee somewhere
and if I am too clean,
there will be fines,
there will be consequences!

Forgive me.
But the Tylenol thing?
Possibly the straw that breaks the camel's back
here on this blog.
We will see.
But today, politics.

Tomorrow I will probably revert back to my rules.
All I ask is for politeness in the comments.
If there are any.
gotta go


  1. Hug your mom, kiss Maggie between the ears, and elevate your feet.

  2. You know, all too scary but... true!
    Let's hope for the best though!
    And sending you and your mom well wishes...
    Sandra Evertson

  3. You look so tall in the picture.

  4. Politics???? oh my how you do make my heart go "pitter patter" you little devil you,,, www.glnroz.blogspot.com (drop the 33). lol I apologize, I just HAD to do that..

    On a serious note, hope your mother does great...

    Young'un you can shore "snap" a picture.. glenn

  5. Peaches - Hugs have been given, ears have been rubbed & feet have been up. All good! :)

    Sandra - Oh, the best will come through no matter what, I'm thinking. :) Thank you for the good thoughts - my mother is just fine, into recovery & on her way home in a couple of hours.

    Reya - I am tall! Especially when I'm mad! LOL!

    Glenn - One day only - I just couldn't take it anymore. I mean, dear God. Tylenol? I won't even mention what the folks at the hospital were saying about it all. Too funny!

    :) Debi

  6. Too much government isn't good at all! I am truly concerned with the direction we are going. This is not the change I signed up for! Here's a great summation of how socialism works:


  7. moms and cats are the most important...oh and a couple of tylenol now and then...I LOVE the photo debi! hugs!

  8. Paula - As you know, I've never made a secret of my Libertarian leaning politics; I just don't normally talk about stuff here. I am daily alarmed by another government overreach. But Tylenol??! My God, can no one in this country read anymore - can they not add those milligrams up for themselves, does Uncle Sam have to do everything for us? I'm sorry some people apparently can't, but this is America, and we are all about keeping the feds out of our lives as much as possible, and Lordy, what was once a creeping government has become, with this new administration, a leaping government. My concern grows daily. It is not politically correct, especially within the art community (as you well know), but sheesh! Artists are supposed to be able to recognize the truth when they see it. Anyway, this will be it - I think! LOL! - and I will revert back to no politics tomorrow. :)

    elk - You are so right, and as soon as I finish here, I am headed out into the night to spend time with Miss Maggie. Thanks so much - isn't it a funny photo? I think one almost has to take a dramamine to view it. :)

    Thanks to all for allowing me to vent & not hating me. It won't happen much. Hopefully this is it.

    :) Debi

  9. This is such a sweet pic of you and maggie. I had to do a double take to find her she was so well camouflaged.
    Really legislating tylenol?!! Oh dear, scary stuff!
    Glad your mom is doing well.

  10. You should switch to Excedrin Migraine (I think it cures everything) and toss your TV.

    I think your political stand here is pretty common sense and not as incendiary as I was expecting... but good for you to break out of the mold for a time. I hope your mom is doing fine and so are you.


  11. You know, I didn't even see Maggie at first glance. Then, she startled me. I imagined her jumping into the picture when I looked away for a second. Wouldn't that be just like a cat?

    Hey, you haven't said yet, but I am trusting all is well with you Mom? My dear, it sounds like you need Massage Night. Yes?


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