“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


I'll Be Back

I must take some time.

Really, I must find some. So I must step away from here for a bit. I cannot come here and speak of joy & be honest - lately I feel mostly emptiness, the emptiness of hope, the days becoming harder to step through, the inspirations few & far between. I cannot even see a picture for this post. I need a breath, some space, some time. It may be 2 days, it may be 2 weeks - I cannot say. I begin to Unravel with Susannah next week, and I suspect that will fill me with new ideas, new possibilities in which I can really believe, and if so, I will be back at least by then. I am full of insecurities about taking just a few days away, sure no one will be here when I return, but I must do it anyway. I suspect I will miss this more than I know & be back quickly.

See you soon.
Sooner than I think, possibly.
thank you all so very, very much


  1. Take your time, honey. We will be waiting... I feel the same way lately. You are putting too much pressure on yourself lately trying to keep up with everything. Slow down, unwind, we love you and we will be here.

  2. ENJOY! I am just took a long break from my Zen In You blog... It's good to unplug...there is a world to live outside :)

  3. are you kidding ...i will be waiting right down the road...ya'll take care friend!

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  5. take some time off, relax, have fun, be peaceful, enjoy yourself. live life to the very fullest. get caught up on sleep; i will do the same. r-e-l-a-x....

  6. Your post of June 30th made me cry. Sob, actually. I woke up and checked your blog and started my day with tears. That's not a bad thing. I think is some ways, it's a very good thing. I'm also a writer and I know that it means a great deal when someone tells me my words grabbed them in some way. Well, grab me you did. Thanks for being so real.

  7. Oh Debi.
    Take your time. Insecurities suck, don't they. No words from anyone makes them any less.
    So just know that strange things happen in life to make us question, "Is it me?"
    NO! It's not YOU.
    You just need inspiration again. Sounds like Unraveling is just what you need.
    I'm sure the ones who matter will still be here. xoxo

  8. All creative people feel this way from time to time Debi. The seductively lazy energy of summer beckons a pause and a rest. Take it.

    I know I will still be here, waiting to enjoy more of your lovely words and images.


  9. Dear Debi, How I wish that we lived closer. I would walk over and bring a pitcher of lemonade.
    Meanwhile I have something for you, waiting at my blog. You are so very, very dear to me. Thank you for everything.
    I love you,

  10. Savannah... what a great place to rewind and recharge. Just enjoy it, the place and the break. Enjoy. Ohmmmm. Relax. Ahhhhh.


  11. You don't need to worry about it, we will all be right here sitting on the "banch" waiting for you to get back from your "walk". Enjoy....:)

  12. You don't need to worry about it, we will all be right here sitting on the "banch" waiting for you to get back from your "walk". Enjoy....:)

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  14. I miss reading your new posts soooo much; all the passion you put into three or four paragraphs is amazing!

  15. take all the time you need, friend. ; )

    i am also was an unravel gal. you will enjoy it.

  16. Oh I know that feeling all too well..."sure no one will be here when I return"...let me tell you, I have taken some substantial breaks from blogging for one reason or another, and the ones who love you will ALWAYS be here waiting for your return. Everyone is so loving..don't you wish you could meet them all in person?


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