“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


I Watched a Storm Last Night

I am watching a storm move in.

It has dropped 5 degrees in the last few minutes & the wind is beginning to blow a bit, the monkey grass next to the front door swirling in circles. This morning brought rain, this afternoon heat & sunshine, and while working late this evening, I listened to the radio bring storm warning after storm warning, the emergency signal sounding over & over, before it finally made sense to me - through my windows I could see sunshine & a bit of blue sky beneath white clouds, but the warnings were real & north of us, heading this way, so time for me to head home. It has grown quite a bit darker as I typed those sentences, and the television (on, but with the sound off right now) is showing a radar screen full of red. Maggie is in - for my peace of mind, not hers; I'm sure she has a number of safe places to which she could skedaddle if needed, and the wind chimes out back are jingling their pleasant little clanky jingle. It is quite dark now - I wish you could be here with me & watch the change in weather, the lightning, the still moments between bursts of wind. Thunder is rumbling in the distance to the north and now there are louder claps to the east and the lightning is increasing, no longer just to the north of us, but beginning to surround us. And there. I hear the rain begin. Maggie is in her basket, not yet resigned to this sudden change, still sitting up, but the rain is beginning to pound, so perhaps she will drift off to dreamland with that as nighttime music.

Time for me to stop. To turn off the lights & enjoy the show.
The electicity is beginning to flicker.

That was last night.

When the electricity flickered, the internet went away for a while - luckily I'd saved my post just seconds before. The rain moved through, and the warnings with it - I watched the tv radar move the red areas toward my brother's house and eventually out of the area, but mostly I sat in the dark & watched the lightning. Maggie fell sound asleep for a bit, but soon was awake & wanted to return to The Outside. So out she went & I to bed, while visions of thunderstorms danced in my head.

I'd said good night to you all last evening.
So good morning.
Today begins with sunshine.
and sparkles everywhere on wet grass and leaves


  1. Good morning Sparkly woman! :-)
    What a show to watch...when we were little and the storm came in, my dad would call the 3 of us, made us lie over him on the couch and then the 4 of us would watch the storm...the lightning striking...waiting for the thunder...we love storms!!! xx
    May the sun shine all day...sprinkling YOU with the golden sparkles of her warmth! xx

  2. It was a weird "green" storm. Had a touch of " I can do more " in it..

  3. it was a show from right down the road...texas weather gotta love it!


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