“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Cat in a Basket

Yes, the same floor.
But I couldn't resist.

Maggie is coming into the house more often, wanting to stand on my lap, wanting to be petted, wanting head rubs, and sometimes just wanting to sleep. I laid this basket on the floor 6 weeks ago, right at the glass doors, hoping she'd snuggle in when it rained & she had to be indoors. This basket has belonged to her for a long time, but it was no go - she wanted to be outside. This weekend, however, she stepped into it, despite the sunshine outside, despite the slightly lower temperatures; funny how 94 can feel cool. And she settled in. I, of course, agonize over what this means - is it good? Is she telling me goodbye? Is she feeling better, reverting to more normal behavior? Who knows? Certainly not I. She is back outside today, in the rain. But she looked at me with love this weekend - seriously. You can laugh, but it was love.


  1. i won't laugh ... love is smile worthy ... this is adorable!

  2. Is Maggie a tortie? I have a tortie kitty, who looks like a "snickers in a blender" :) She is nearing 10 years old... I am worried about my baby too...

  3. I love your Maggie. She looks like my Pepper. She's fine. Just pacing herself.

  4. love in a basket, she is adorable

  5. Maggie knows the wind,
    where it goes,
    where it blows___
    secret paths
    through nighttime woes
    and where the trail ends.
    She knows
    where your heart

  6. How sweet...cats are funny creatures...I can't ever seem to "get them". This photo is so endearing...

  7. That Maggie knows what she wants is a tough cookie! How blessed that the goodbye has not yet come and that she still has a great quality of life.

  8. sweet sweet maggie is so lucky to have you debi!

  9. Of course she looks at you with love...that the one thing you can definitely be sure of...pure, honest love!!! xx

  10. Oh, Debi. I don't know what to say. Sending you love. I guess that's all I can really do. Please accept it. It's wrapped in tender thoughts and tied with pale blue ribbons.


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