“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



Just because.

Because I am so so happy & excited for friends
who are eloping to Maine this fall,
because I just looked at pictures of the ocean view they will have.
Because I saw a chair
very much like the blue one in my bedroom
on another blog,
in another bedroom,
and that room looked gorgeous & peaceful,
I realize mine does too,
at least when it's all clean & uncluttered,
and even then,
if it's cluttered with beautiful books
pale green pajamas tossed on the bed
white & lime candles,
it is still peaceful,
and I am grateful
and say I'm sorry to the Universe
and a certain Robin
for all the complaining I do
about not enough space.
Because these crepe myrtle blossoms are beautiful.
Because Lily is asleep in the front room here at work,
on a white loveseat
against blue blue walls,
her back turned towards me.
Because there is sunshine outside
but no blistering heat.
Because Hidden Sky is waiting for me in the Jeep
Red Moon is the next song up,
and because I love CDs
the surprise of which song is next
I will listen to it all the way home.
Because of this website
and its birds,
one of whom sits on my blue table
in my little house.
For which, remember, I am grateful.
Mi casa perfecta.

Because I am adding the word gratitude
to my list of post labels or tags.
i am all teary-eyed with happiness for katie: congratulations


  1. Good positive and uplifting post. thanks.

  2. Debi, Gratitude is a perfect tag for this post. Perfect for me because you've made me so grateful to read it. There is so much that is beautiful and joyful in these lines and this image. As always, you make me smile.

  3. love this post. so many things to be grateful for. beautiful blog! thanks for visiting osh!!

  4. you need no more reasons than these ~gratitude is contagious friend!

  5. what lovely princess feet you have all decked out in pink flowers. are you wearing a bluebell skirt and forget-me-nots in your hair?
    wonderful imagery!

  6. Because you have the prettiest feet and toenails! Yes!
    Beautiful post.


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