“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Almost Wonderland

I was up this morning running around,
the 1st photo assignment in my head,
tending to Maggie,
Are you feeling okay today sweetie?,
taking out the trash,
laughing inside at my karma/horoscope email for today:
"Your karma report unravels the mysteries of your past lives",
and, yes,
I know thousands of others received the same email,
but I couldn't help smiling,
thinking it was a sign,
(still thinking it is, actually),
when I noticed Maggie watching my reflection in the door,
running here & there behind her
in front of her,
and I wonder what she was thinking,
what she saw.

I promised honesty for this blog,
not all the details of my life,
but I will tell you this.
She was worse this weekend.
Thursday was a bad day;
I thought for a moment or two
that it was time to say goodbye,
but it wasn't,
and she is still here, better.
And I will tell you
I have cried as many tears
as Alice in Wonderland,
and I am surprised
to not be swimming in their pool.

There is a new fountain next door,
a big one,
next to our driveway,
and I tossed a penny in yesterday.
I won't tell you the wish -
I want it to come true -
but it wasn't anything impossible
or ridiculous
and it wasn't selfish.
Not really.

I will toss another this evening.
& the evening after that & the next evening until it comes true


  1. I was - just a bit. :)

    And thank you!

  2. How hard it must be to wish upon such a situation. I really feel for you Debi. :(
    I wish for whatever is best for sweet Maggie, and that you will always have her in your heart. xoxo

  3. Toss a quarter-your wish will be twenty times as good :-)

  4. hugs and love,
    my biggest failure is exactly what you were apologizing for earlier. There is no rush on the picture. Believe me. I understand.


  5. Gillian - It is harder than I'd thought it would be, and I always knew it would be hard. Thank you for your sweet words and for stopping by. I have tried to comment on your blog - your last 2 posts - but Typepad tells me that this (my)website doesn't exist, and that my email doesn't exist. I assume I will have to get a typepad identity, and change into it in a phone booth somewhere nearby, then burst out, cape flying (and there is actually quite a bit of appeal in that), and then I will be able to respond. I am hoping Typepad finds me though. :)

    Sunshine - I don't think it's the amount of the coin. I think it's the amount of faith. :) However, that said, I may up it to dimes & quarters just to see what happens.

    Donna - You are always so kind. Always. When things are hard for me, I just become a hermit, and turn the outside world off. But really, I have managed to get the picture from my house to work - it took days to remember that! LOL! - so I will send it out. Thank you ao much for understanding.

    :) Debi

  6. perfect image of the reflection ...door...it really is a great metaphor for your moments these days.

    stay cool!

  7. A coin too, I shall toss,
    For furry little Maggie, stil the boss.,,

  8. Hi,it's gonna be so much fun unravelling my life with you by my side...thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, I just had to go away for awhile to figure things out, or to let God whispers come in to my heart....

  9. Isn't is astounding how one can never run out of tears? I've put it to the test, so I know that tears are infinite. Just like love.

  10. Oh, I'm so sorry Debi... I really wish I knew how I could make you feel better. But I know it does help to know we are thinking about you and sending you love even when we can't be close enough to hug you. Surely you have been there for me in my travails and sad times.

    Even in your sadness, your photos and posts continue to be as beautiful as always. My love to you and Maggie.

  11. If I can guess your wish, please know I am wishing the same for you.


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