“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Yes, I got no picture today

I keep saying I just want to write.
Let's see how it goes.

Cause I got nothin'. Nothin'. Well, I got this summertime hot Texas heat, thermometers reading anywhere from 102 to 109, depending on when & where you are. I got a Pema Chodron book - The Places that Scare You - upside down on a stack of books, blue cover shimmering at me, opened to pages 6 & 7, which was as far as I got before deciding on something lighter, and I like Pema Chodron. I got a short in my kitchen's ceiling light, causing bulbs to blow, and breakers to throw. I got a suspicion that the antique silver-glittered Christmas ornament bird I've had forever & which I keep out all the time, has figured out how to turn itself to face south, because it's facing south & I swear it used to face north towards the front door. I got half a dozen blackened shrimp on a skewer in the fridge which I need to eat today or else throw out, but I got no appetite. I got a cat who insisted I sit next to her in the kitchen, on an old white milking stool, she having jumped on it to keep my feet company when I changed light bulbs, and I got a sore behind for doing so for an hour, although I admit to putting a rug under said behind for the last ten minutes. I got pleasure for keeping her company, though, and making her purr. I got a quiet neighborhood this afternoon, no one about, no extra vehicles blocking the driveway, no hammering, no sawing, no nothing. I got a fan on the floor, helping the air conditioning along, the air just skimming the soles of my pink-toenailed feet propped up here on the couch. I got a white couch. I got on a white flirty cotton skirt and sage green tshirt, and a pair of brown sparkly-beaded flip flops are next to me on the floor. I got a house that needs cleaning, floors that need desperately to be mopped - which I discovered during that hour long sit in the kitchen with Maggie - and cabinet doors that need repainted. I got to make a decision about moving - should I stay or should I go? I got a friend who told me earlier this week she cannot imagine me in any other neighborhood. I got a smile just now from the lovely lovely Katie as she walked by the doors, arms full of packages, wearing a skirt that looks like orange & raspberry sorbet. I got a pint of tequila lime sorbet in the freezer. I got a stomach that just gurgled at the thought of that. I got shoes everywhere in this house - not just next to me - there are 3 additional pair right across the room. I got a boyfriend who once said if we ever got married that would have to change, but the years have gone by, and now he is as bad as I am, although his many pairs of cowboy boots are in a straight row in his bedroom, lined up perfectly under a string of Tibetan prayer flags. I got to take a picture of that.

I got nothin'.
And I feel fine.
i got what i need


  1. 103 today....what did i do ...gardening....collage..i wish i could write like you debi...but i will read instead~

  2. ..sounds to me like you just might have it all...

  3. Hot, hot, HOT! It's been around 100 for the last week. A cool front came through last night. Saturday was my baby sister's 40th birthday...can't believe she's already 40. Much love sent to you and Maggie, will write soon.... Way too much to do around here. Haven't been on the computer at all.

  4. giggles, sounds like a whole lot of somethin' to me :-)

  5. So nice to hear your voice...I just posted how I've had a terrible time writing..how everything seems wooden and splintered and sad. And then I happen upon your ramble and now I'm actually grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the lift. You got talent.

  6. elk - A bit cooler here today with a splash of rain. Hope y'all got some too. Funny how when it drops into the high 90s you can feel the difference. :) And thank you, ma'am, for the compliment!

    sara - It really didn't sound too bad, did it? LOL!

    Christy - I know you ARE busy. Girl! Try to stay cool,both physically & emotionally! :)

    Suvarna - When I started just looking around & listing, it really seemed pretty good. Couched as nothing, :)

    Deborah - I have added you to my list of links, so now you have to write! LOL! God, I HATE those times when it just isn't working, when nothing feels true. But the sad you can't get away from - my life feels filled with sad this year, and I was so depressed & full of grief when I wrote this post. Really. I'd been here on the couch crying because my poor little cat is sick, and when I'd finished crying, I read my neighbor's blog, and in my response to his post, I said I got nothing. And then I thought well, maybe I'll blog about nothing. I didn't even have a photo. And that's how it went. Stream of consciousness. So I think you write about the sadness. I think you do. Thank you for lifting my spirits! Much needed.

    :) Debi

  7. Your nothin' is a whole lot of something to me. Kind of like that line in You've Got Mail.


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