“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Texas Baby Grows Up to be an Artist

Texas baby grows up to be an artist.

And is influenced by children's drawings, where the sky is a line across the top of the paper, and most especially that one child's drawing of a stormy day - the sky was at the bottom, and the world sat still on the raining clouds. She is influenced by the color blue, and cannot for the life of her figure out why people give her red shirts for Christmas, or yellow shirts, or brown. She is influenced by her teenage years spent in southern Arizona, her love for the desert - influenced by all that space, by seeing the sky uncluttered by trees, by desert nights spent sprawled on the hood of a car, stars overhead mimicking the gleam of coyotes' eyes as they prowled nearby, by warmer desert nights spent inside the car, surrounded by 360 degrees of heat lightning. She is influenced by the silence and stillness those nights gave her, by the remembrance of herds of rabbits & herds of tarantulas. She is influenced by the sky everywhere, and is always looking up, but has learned lately to look down also, and she is enchanted & influenced by fallen flowers painting the ground at her feet. She is influenced by hints of people - an empty chair holds stories for her; empty houses, windows, fences. She is influenced by the flight of birds, the color of cats' eyes, the pattern of drying rain on pavement. She is influenced by lakes and the soft soft sound of the water, and she wonders why people feel the need for radios in their boats. She is influenced by stories not quite told, the endings not quite finished. She is influenced by words and keeps bowls of phrases & words around her house; by colors that are in between other colors, slightly dusty, slightly faded. Again, the stillness within those colors, the untold stories. A blue chair, faded from years of sunlit porches, chipped from rainstorms and hail, speaks more to her than a new one ever will. She dreams of more space in which to paint, more windows, a porch, a lake outside, and is influenced by those dreams. She is influenced by softness, by shadows, by darkness, by silence. When she paints, there is only the music in her head, in her hands; she paints to her own rhythm, her own song. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a florist - instead of playing house, she would play florist, and never knew the names of flowers. The blue ones were here, the ones with the lacy edges, the tall ones were over there, and she would arrange them in invisible vases, seeing them so clearly in her mind.

She still does.
But now the flowers are tubes of paint.
The vases are canvas and paper.
She still dreams.
more space more space more space more space


  1. so

  2. she's one complex texas baby...and i want to see how the arizona desert manifests itself in her work...because i see mostly water (which maybe answers my question, as a reaction against is also a manifestation).

    i think i'll have to put bowls of words around my house, i wonder how the words would like the stones...

  3. You are so darn cute! I could do without the tarantulas for sure but everything else sounds great! Love and kindness coming your way...

  4. and we are so glad you are (influenced by all these things) and do (still dream) Dream on beautiful dreamer, dream on .........

  5. Hey! For the FIRST time a photo showing all of you!
    What a great photo! So very happy.
    So, how does it feel to be an artist?

  6. Sweet magical you!!
    I am influenced by you!

    (I am here: stories not quite told, the endings not quite finished.)

  7. This is a beautiful beautiful piece of writing. You take me to the most soothing places...your words are so incredibly visual.

    And if that isn't the sweetest thing ever...that you played florist. I LOVE that!

    This post is so YOU.

  8. oh i LOVE the way you have written this. wonderful!! you are an true artist all the way through - deep down.


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