“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


A moment: me & maggie

Inspired by Tangobaby.
This wonderful post,
about photography & art & relationships
these posts: Patti & Ginny,
from Tango's other blog.
And from the wonderful images taken for that blog,
these posts.
Look at that.
6 links for one woman.

But back to the inspiration.
I was privy to a couple of these images
before they were posted
(a little name-dropping,
a little bragging),
and was knocked out by them.
Then I saw the whole shebang,
the whole production,
the whole story,
and it occurred to me
that I had not one picture of myself with Maggie.
Not one.
And she is fading away.

She no longer spends much time in the house,
instead preferring the summer heat,
the being-alone.
A combination of her usual summer behavior
and her disease as it worsens.
I don't believe we will snuggle anymore.
She is restless,
wanting out of the house,
but also wanting to be near me.
A dilemma we work at.
I put my blue green child's chair in the doorway,
half in the house,
half outside,
and she will stand in my lap.
She is uncomfortable finding a sitting position,
so standing it is.
I pick her up & walk about the yard a bit,
she gets extra petting when she's fed,
and, of course, the daily fluid injections.
We are close then,
she over my shoulder
while Michael gives the injection.
A few minutes of stillness,
and lately purring.
Then treats.
The only real picture time.

So I handed the camera to the ever-wonderful Michael,
and of course he turned on the flash.
No, I said, no flash.
So little light in the room,
underexposed images,
but I can do something with them,
I told him.
They are all pictures of the 2 of us,
but right now, I like this crop.
The me part of this image
has no business being shown in public.
But this works.

I know what I wanted,
more Tango-like stuff,
even though I knew they would not be as wonderful,
but Michael is a studio portrait photographer:
both of us need to be looking at him,
He is the first to tell you is not an artist,
and I am terrible at expressing my vision,
which, in this case,
was really mostly copy Tango.

But this works.
From a badly exposed image.
we got a moment.

Thank you Tango,
Michael, Patti & Ginny.
we are working on more


  1. Oh Debi. Today was a day that I just did not feel like crying again because I'm just tired of finding tears in my eyes but here I am again. But all I can think is to say Thank You because this post is so wonderful and sweet and lovely and it makes me feel like a million dollars to think that in some way, I've inspired you and that also I've helped you in some way with the situation with Maggie.

    I can't take any credit for the photos of Ginny and Patti. I feel like a bystander who was given a tremendous opportunity to record love (if such a thing is possible) for the time when they are not together anymore. I'm so happy that you now have something precious too.

    This post was truly a gift to me today. Thank you.

  2. ps. And the photo is beautiful. You all did a wonderful job!

  3. i have lost two dogs and two cats in my life after long illness ...it is a sorrow ...their lives were honor filled , you are traveling this road so well debi.

  4. Ahhhhh...our fur babies...how they stamp their paw prints upon our hearts. We currently share our lives with two pups and two kitties (one is now 18)...I too, have known the deep sadness of losing dear, four-legged friends. I totally understand how dear your Maggie is too you. I love that photo. I especially love how she is pressing her little head toward your hand for some lovin's. :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing this...

  5. my heart aches for you, yet it also soars at the love your words and image reveals.

  6. Such a sweet and moving post.
    Your photo is lovely. So sad that your kitty is not well.
    Best to you.

  7. oh honey this photo is pure you and i love it!!
    i know just exactly what you mean though about TB. what an amazing amount of energy and every time i go to see her i want to do something with as much passion and curiosity.

    "terrible at expressing my vision".... did you really write those words? it may be a struggle for you but always there is a wonderful ending for us. like this great photo of you and maggie loving one another. the most perfect crop i have ever witnessed :)


  8. yes, this works and it's sweet and tender.

  9. what a touching post...love of life is in all of us, even our furry friends. sending you lots of positive vibes.

  10. You got a moment; a lovely image. I think anyone who has ever loved a cat will have their heart melt a little at this image. It is so perfect, capturing all the catish affection in the head ducked for a petting. Wonderful, wonderful.


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