“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Hi Everyone! (Just in case you're reading this.)

Leo works next door.
Someone left him a message this weekend.

Hi Leo!
(Just in case he's reading this.)

There was a time I would say no way was anyone over there reading me - little old me - but yesterday evening changed my perception. A knock on the door revealed Rodney, my next-door neighbor at home. Hi Rodney! (Just in case you're reading this.) He wanted to know if there was a particular evening that would be bad for me or good for me for him to resume a noisy piece of construction work at his house; said he read my blog and sometimes felt like the big bad monster next door - me complaining about all the noise & construction, and even mentioning that I'd stopped him a couple of weeks ago, unable to take any more loudness. He didn't say all that, he just said the part about reading my blog & feeling like a monster, but I knew what he meant, and when he left I had to rush & see if I'd said anything bad about him personally - I didn't think I had, because I don't think anything bad about him personally, but you know, noise & all may have made me crazy-crazy - I couldn't remember, but no, in fact, I'd said they were all quite wonderful people , all those noisy folks around us, which just made his asking even nicer. The surprise was that he read my blog. I knew he & his wife - Hi Amber! (just in case you're reading this) - had looked here; what I didn't know was that they actually had looked here more than once, had in fact read it recently.

It's kind of funny. I've been thinking this area needs a blog, and not one of the typical Tyler/East Texas social-scene silliness things. We have a couple of magazines here, and I won't name them because the people who run them are perfectly nice people - maybe wonderful people; I don't know them, I just know people who do - but one is just pictures of all the "society" parties & events, people posing, the same people over & over in all the pictures, at all the events, and there are articles about people with money, their houses, etc. The other magazine has articles, but it's much the same, featuring the same people, the same events, although they do have a new feature about unknown Tyler treasures - I noticed an article about a place I mentioned here last spring. There is also a newsletter/newspaper geared to the black population here (over 25% of the total population), and no doubt there is one I've not noticed for the Hispanic population (over 15%). It makes me crazy. We are such a diverse group of people & you'd never know it by these publications. Never. So I've been thinking of blogging about that, blogging about how funny I think it is when women show up in fur coats for a Lyle Lovett concert, blogging about the absurdness of this area and the wonderfulness of this area, and including everybody. What a concept. So. Am I prepared to do that? Am I prepared to have more people around me actually read what I say?

I'm thinking I may be.
Stay tuned.
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can


  1. I read it.. lol,, and i liked it..I saw your comment about Michael Jackson on another blog. You referenced the media not covering the "tax and cap' bill.. I jump to your site and you have a banner saying "Politics NOT spoken here".. I am confused,, lol,, Then I saw you from Texas. I promise i am not a stalker.. See my bloglite. www.glnroz33.blogspot.com.
    May I read some of your older posts? I think I may agree with you on a few things that you write. thnx,, glenn

  2. Glenn - No politics spoken here, but if someone talks about them elsewhere, I assume they want others to chime in & if I have to something to chime in about, that I will. I just try to be polite about it. But this spot is my place to get away from it all. Thanks for stopping by, and read away!

    :) Debi

  3. yes it is a small world. I agree with you totally, about the pupose of your web site. I originally set up the one you commented on ( www.glnroz.blogspot.com ) because it was my first "thought". Then i decided I wanted a "fun site" so I set up glnroz33 for that. I did go to your neighbors site. I liked and commented on that one also. Please feel free to drop by from time to time. I hope to reignite my interest in photography so give me some tips.. lolo.. Thanks again,,

  4. it is a small world isn't it? you just never know who is out there listening, watching and wanting to give you some peace and quiet :) how nice is Leo?!! very nice. Hi Leo. Hi amber :)
    my sister lynn reads my blog without fail but if she didn't tell me that i would have no idea. it is like she is cheating and getting to know me without really having to interact. i told her that in person but i didn't write it on my blog. my nephew. the same thing. he told me which of my photos were his favorite from the blog when i saw him in chicago..."what blog? oh that blog! what you read my blog? yes."
    i wonder how long it will take you to not be surprised to find out people read you. that they like to read you. that we would wait in line to read your words. maybe by christmas this year you won't be so surprised when people applaud you and your work. what do you think? maybe Easter?

  5. funny. just the other day a young guy in my office said, " we were all talking about you at lunch - the girls (all 20 somethings) said they love to read your blog, will you share it with me? " what? i didn't know they even knew i had one much less that they read it and talked about me"
    i, for one, love reading what you have to say and i imagine the new blog would be highly read as well. do it.

  6. I'm always surprised when a friend or family member mentions my blog. But to find out your neighbor is reading it, Ahhhh!!!. Glad you have a good relationship with them.

  7. Well, ready or not, here you come (or there you go)!

  8. You made me think of my first startled moment when I realized that someone unexpected read my blog. I felt a little embarrassed, like someone had caught me with my hand in the cookie jar or something. Not that I had said anything I shouldn't. Just that I wasn't expecting it. I always forget that lots of people read without commenting. When I think of my readers, I only picture the commenters. I'm going to have to change that perception. And figure out a more gracious response when someone tells me they read my blog.


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