“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Empty Boathouse

This was originally a painting of a chair - well, at least the beginnings of a painting of a chair.
Yes, look hard under all the lathered on gesso & gel & you'll find a chair that just wasn't working.
Was not  working.
So off with its head, and my longing to be on the water took its place.
I could've painted a boat, but the water came first,
and that huge fish swimming around below the surface & then I noticed that huge fishhook,
and so,
the empty boathouse.
I am out there on the water somewhere, not fishing;
I am just laying back in the boat, or perhaps on a floatie near that boat,
but I am out there.
I've always liked subtle art - art that doesn't quite tell you the whole story.
I want you to be out there with me on that water, but I want you to find me, to figure it out.

When you get there,
we'll just take it easy.
It's in the low 90s this week.
The lake beckons.


  1. this is absolutely stunning, there is such a beautiful and somewhat hauntingly lovely poetic note to it ... LOVE!!

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the backstory, I love hearing the process .... I've come over from red or grey today and am so happy I did.

  3. love it! and on a side note, I just came back from vaca, and on a trip to the Grand Canyon, I met a very sweet couple from Tyler Tx. my first thought was, hey! I know someone from there!!!!
    though I have to admit I could barley understand a word they said, as I clearly only speak yankee!

  4. i am glad you tell of the humble beginning of this painting..subtle I like this feel as well...has any one told you lately how well you paint? you do...

  5. this really pleases me to look at.

  6. Darlene - I read your comment 1st thing this morning & I felt myself suddenly relax into this process. Thank you more than you know. I needed that!

    Kath - Welcome! I, too, am happy you made your way here. Thank you for the kind words. As I told Darlene - much needed after all the agonizing this past weekend. :)

    Michelle - That's really pretty funny; such a small world. Sometimes we have trouble understanding each other. LOL! PS - I sent you an email with a funny east Texas accent story. And PS again - So glad you like the painting!

    elk - Bless you. I needed to hear that also. So many people want me to just paint realistically, which I have so evolved away from from the older I get. (?? Does that make sense?!) It's nice to hear that about something abstract/child-like. :)

    SYW - Me too. If it doesn't sell, I'm thinking about framing it & keeping it for myself.

    :) Debi

  7. Debi, this piece makes me go "ahhh...." I love the colors and the wide open of it all. I especially loved the background story of how it came to be. I live up off the beach in No.Calif. and the past 2 weeks have been gray skies. Its had me a bit low, but then I saw this piece and decided to walk down to the beach before I commented. You know?... its not all gray after-all. There is a lovely teal color to the whole expanse of water and sky. You let me see that, and past my gloom over the fog. Thank you (:

  8. I'll bring my floatie and ice-cold lemonade in old fashioned glass bottles. I'll meet you there.

  9. This is absolutely my favorite!! :) When will you sell it or a print?

  10. Vicki - I would be in Heaven. Water is my calm place. :)

    Relyn - I am ready!

    Valaine - The original painting will first be put up for sale next Thursday night at my art show. If no one buys it, it will be for sale here. Prints will be available also, and probably go on Etsy, and maybe here also (I am thinking about starting a gallery blog.) In addition, I am bound & determined to get new stuff on Etsy. It's just languishing. LOL!

    SO glad you really like it. Thank you!

    :) Debi

  11. Lovely piece, I also enjoy the subtlety. So much room for exploration. Love the colors too.

  12. Tammie Lee - Thank you. My very favorite colors. Well, except for the blue of blue hydrangeas. :)

  13. I love this soooooo much! I can hear the waves lapping , and feel the stillness and the heat of the day. gorgeous!

  14. loving this piece. the colours are soooo calming. and i'm even more impressed that you turned another idea into this. wonderful.

  15. You know what is so wonderful about you and your work? Your paintings exude simplicity and calm, yet there is so much complexity to your thoughts and how you manifest these beautiful pieces.
    I love your processes Debi.

  16. Love the colors and what I amagine the textures is like.

  17. A bit late on the comment on this, but this picture makes me happy. Just love it!

  18. I see the edge of the boat, a blue rowboat, the lower left hand corner. there you are!

    I. love. this.


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